Dear Mainstream Media Sellouts

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    Kiraspondence - Media Sellouts

    Dear Mainstream Media Sellouts:

    I have just about lost all patience with you people. You’re terrible. You’re all terrible. You’re terrible at your jobs, you’re terrible at informing people, you’ve basically completely abandoned all attempts at keeping the public educated and informed about their country and the world around them, you’ve filtered the news through your subjective lenses to the point where it’s not even really “news” anymore. It’s just “the things that make us mad” every single day.

    You’re terrible.

    Case in point: these Planned Parenthood videos.

    As a professional blogger I can’t think of a bigger, more newsworthy national story right now than what is being revealed by the steady stream of undercover sting videos being released by the Center for Medical Progress. It has everything you need to maintain and even boost your almighty ratings.

    • Controversial national issue that has sparked heated debate for decades and always produces a passionate response? CHECK.
    • Hidden camera expose? CHECK
    • Blood and death? CHECK
    • Corporate corruption? CHECK
    • Organization with a bloated CEO salary while low-level employees earn minimum wage? CHECK. WE ARE THE 99%!
    • A gross abuse of taxpayer dollars? CHECK
    • A heartstrings issue? CHECK
    • A story that has layers and layers of intrigue and fresh facts to be unearthed and “scooped” by the network that investigates quickly enough? CHECK

    It’s a ratings bonanza and where are you people spending your time and treasure? Cecil the Lion.

    Hey, I get it. It’s definitely a story worth covering. Is it worth covering 24/7? I’m not so sure. Is it worth the outrage that normal Americans would reserve for the death of a loved one? Is it worth a four-minute, choked-up, teary-eyed rant from a late night talk show host? Again, I’m not so sure. Not when you consider that the illegal selling of organs without the previous consent of the now-deceased has received approximately one percent of that coverage.

    It’s not that the American people don’t have room in their hearts and minds for more than one outrage at a time; it’s the selective nature of that outrage – and you are the selectors. You used to be the revealers, the investigators, the truth-seekers. You used to be the people we depended on to grab the facts, present the stories, expose the corruption. Now you’re just nothing more than a bunch of developmentally arrested grad school students in a perpetual state of thesis building. You just choose which worldview you want to validate and then set about finding stories to support said worldview. You’re neither intellectual nor curious.

    There was a time when viewers had to guess at the personal values of their beloved news personalities, but that time is long gone. Now the only news we are “privileged” to receive from your outlets is whatever you deem worthy.

    I wonder why the positively Dystopian horror story of infant corpses being sold off for parts and profits isn’t anywhere on your radar. Could it be because it just doesn’t fit into your worldview? Clearly most of you are pro-abortion. A story like this could lend way to much credence to those anti-abortion nut jobs who have been screaming for decades about how the process of abortion is actually gruesome, traumatic, and would repulse most people if they ever realized what it really was. During your stubborn refusal to cover mass-murderer Kermit Gosnell (who snapped the necks of babies born alive!) Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill admitted that the reason most outlets were blacking out coverage is because the decidedly biased “news” media were afraid coverage would validate pro-life positions.

    How professional of you all!

    I have appeared with many of you on TV/radio shows and panel discussions. One thing I have noticed about many of you consistently that you all think you’re the smartest people in the room…and nearly all of you think everyone else who doesn’t think like you is a dumb, religious-nut hick. The condescension is thick amongst many mainstream media personalities.

    But here’s the thing: the sign of real intelligence is the ability to analyze facts, information and personal stories side-by-side and shift your position when they lead away from long-held beliefs. It’s difficult to do. That’s why few do it. That’s why it’s a such a marker for intelligence. It takes a deliberate effort.

    Here you are, facing devastating evidence that could shift the way millions of Americans view abortion and/or Planned Parenthood and is it your response to investigate, analyze and make an intellectual evaluation? No. Your response is to completely ignore this huge story. Instead of having your fingers on the pulse of the nation they’re firmly implanted in your ears.


    Have you all just completely given up any semblance of professionalism? Is this what journalism has come to in 2015? Look at yourselves. It’s no wonder MSNBC has fired half their on-air personalities. Clearly the execs over there are catching on that American viewers have had it with being condescended to by only being allowed to experience the same two “stories” in a 24-hour news cycle. We’re smarter than that. We hunger for information and you feed us filtered bullshit.

    I got into this business precisely because I was sick of being told what I should and shouldn’t care about by virtue of what you would and wouldn’t cover. You’re the fourth estate. You’re supposed to be on our side – America’s side. Your whole reason to exist is to tell the stories other people don’t want us to hear. Now look at you, you’re actually burying stories that you don’t want us to hear.

    You think you’re good guys because you’re keeping the nutty pro-lifers at bay? You’re journalists. It’s not your job to decide what information Americans are allowed to care about, yet that’s exactly what you do every day.

    You’re not good journalists. You’re the bad guys. You’re the “Cecil the Lion Poachers” of modern America.

    You suck.

    With all due disrespect,



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    Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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