How Dangerous Is Trump’s Voting Base Really?

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Fri, Aug 14 - 1:56 pm EDT | 9 months ago by
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It would be a mistake to dismiss Trump’s success in garnering attention and support for himself during this primary election season. His wit and charm has seduced many to the point where he’s developed fanatical defenders.

But when it comes down to it, how effective would the supporters be when it comes time to vote Trump into office?

Not very, according to a recent study.

The company Macromeasures weighed Trumps social media following against those of his fellow GOP rivals and found that only 39% were even eligible to cast a vote. Compare that to the other CEO running for President, Carly Fiorina, whose base’s eligibility sits at a whopping 96%.


Chart: Forbes

Trump’s campaign has a lot of bark, but lacks bite. His popularity means nothing if the people he’s popular with can’t even cast a ballot.

Now, this study obviously does not cover those willing to vote for Trump outside of social media, and that group may very well be thick with voting potential, but much of Trump’s buzz is generated from online media sharing. One look at Facebook or Twitter can tell you that.

Only time will tell if Trump’s groundswell is substantial. He has been given nods from Palin and Coulter, and they may very well bring their following with them. If this study, however, is any indication, then it’s possible that Trump may come hobbling behind the rest of the candidates at the finish line.

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