Dear American Gun Culture

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    Kiraspondence - Dear American Gun Culture

    Dear American Gun Culture:

    Like all of you, I was filled with dread and disgust as I watched the horrific (I’m running out of adjectives to describe this level of depravity) murders of Adam Ward and Alison Parker as they did nothing more than perform their jobs with professionalism and excitement on a crisp, sunny morning outside Roanoke, VA. Like all of you, I watched the news with anxious hope that police would soon catch up to the sick, deranged monster. They did, but not before he had the chance to do to himself what I had hoped society would be given the opportunity to do.

    There are gun-related deaths all over this country on any given day. Some are mass tragedies like Charleston and some are gangbangers trying to take each other out, and some are stalkers, like the slimeball who killed Adam and Alison. Some are suicides. In this country guns are available legally and illegally to anyone with hate or hurt in their heart.

    Is this what makes us a so-called “gun culture”?

    Here’s the short answer…NO.

    This isn’t what makes us a “gun culture.” The term itself is ridiculous – cooked up by the trigger-warning, safe-space, gender-neutral pansies that also demand Howie Mandel apologize for making a silly joke that referenced bulimia on a prime-time talent show.

    We are not a gun culture. Somalia is a gun culture. That is, it’s a place with no law, no protection for citizens and a whole bunch of terrorists, pirates and generally no-good men who use their stolen weapons to terrorize, rape and pillage.

    North Korea is a gun culture. That is, it’s a place with massively restrictive laws and a government who makes sure the people have no access to anything that could threaten their Psycho-in-Chief such as food, knowledge and weapons…and they do so at the end of a gun. It’s easy when your people aren’t armed. Point and shoot until the unwashed masses are controlled by fear and crippling poverty. Gun culture.

    America is not a gun culture. America is a freedom culture. I know you anti-gun harpies have a lot of trouble with this concept because it doesn’t match up with your feeeeeelings, but freedom means having the personal autonomy to make good decisions. Unfortunately you can’t have that freedom to make good decisions if you can’t also have the ability to make bad decisions…and are allowed to reap the consequences of either. People, like the man who murdered two bright, young Virginians, the man who walked into a church and killed people as they worshipped the Creator, the man who walked into a movie theater in Colorado and killed people simply out for a night of fun…people like these men made bad choices, the worst choices. Ever. They chose to kill. Like all of us they could have chosen not to kill, but they didn’t. It wasn’t the tool they used that was the problem. It was the choice they made that led to all those deaths.

    By the way, did you notice that in every instance I quoted the perpetrator was a man? The perpetrators are always men. Why aren’t we talking about that? Maybe we don’t have a gun culture problem but a man culture problem (I guess the feminism babes probably just call that a patriarchy.) Maybe we should ban men. Maybe we need to restrict access to men. I don’t see women waltzing into crowded places and killing people at random.

    Are you laughing? Do you think that’s funny? If that seems ridiculous to you perhaps you can exercise the teeniest bit of intellectual effort for a moment. What is ridiculous is that you think greater restrictions on guns – even banning them outright – is a logical solution. Is there a “way-back machine” that comes with those bans? It’s 2015. Guns were invented in 1364. They exist. Are we to believe that banning guns suddenly takes them out of existence?

    In France, yet another Islamo-terrorist walked onto a train with a cache of guns and firepower fully intending to massacre innocent people in the name of Allah. He didn’t get to thanks to some quick thinking by the finest of America’s “gun culture”, but guns in France are banned. Even most police don’t carry guns. SO HOW DID HE GET GUNS???? THEY’RE BANNED!

    He got them because they exist. End of story. So unless you can end the existence of guns you can never end the existence of gun violence. That’s because you can legislate the ownership of weapons and the purchase of ammunition and the places you can be seen with them, but you can never legislate the condition of a person’s heart and that’s where murder truly begins and ends.

    The Charleston shooter could have locked the doors and burned the church down, or thrown a grenade, or set a gas leak. He chose to use guns, but the gun isn’t the genesis of his rage. His own twisted heart was where those murders were born.

    I can hear you right now – you’re saying, “All well and good but guns make it easier to kill a lot of people at the same time.”

    True. They also make it easier to kill bad guys. They make it easier for police to protect citizens. They make it easier for our military to win wars and conflicts. They make it easier for vulnerable women to protect themselves from rape and abuse (from those evil men…I’m telling you, maybe we need to consider the Man Ban).

    Guns are this and guns are that – we can go around in circles on this issue. And fine, let’s do that. If you get off on arguing an issue that is constitutionally protected knock yourself out. Just don’t tell me we live in a “gun culture” simply because we live in a society where people have the constitutional right to bear arms.

    If we are anything we are a “microagression” culture where the formerly mentioned safe-space pansies have made it nearly impossible to question the mental health of disturbed people because we’re all just special snowflakes who need understanding – preferably the type that’s legislated – and not judgment.

    Alison and Adam didn’t deserve to die the way they did. As difficult as it is to come to grips with, a gun ban wouldn’t have saved them. Vester Flanagan (the first and last time I will use this man’s name) had already set his (sick) mind to murder – it had already been etched on his heart.

    If you can figure out a way to ban evil hearts, I’ll be the first one marching on the capitol to make it happen. Until then, let’s focus on solutions that work that don’t involve violating our constitution and the freedom that it protects.




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    Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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