Attractive Woman Speaks Out: Fat Shaming or Truth Telling?

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Mon, Sep 7 - 8:07 am EDT | 8 months ago by
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When a pretty girl says the F word, you know a lot of attention will follow. That’s exactly what happened when Nicole Arbour recently posted a video entitled “Dear Fat People” that doesn’t hold back at all when criticizing overweight individuals. In fact, so much controversy surrounded this video that YouTube actually ended up deleting her channel for a while.

Here’s the footage that is causing all the commotion:

Personally, I agree with what Nicole Arbour is saying. Yes, there are some “fat people” who simply can’t avoid being overweight. However, the majority of husky individuals could lose weight if they really, really wanted to or if their life depended on it. Pro Tip: If you don’t want to be judged for your obesity or deal with the problems that obesity cause, lose weight. You can do it.

Moreover, I support her right to say what she wants. YouTube had no right to censor her. This is simply an entertaining video that included a lot of facts and wasn’t blindly hateful. If anything, I’d view it as motivational for anyone looking to lose weight. Sometimes the truth hurts.

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