Steven Crowder Crashes a #SJW Feminist Film Festival, Gets Thrown Out

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Wed, Sep 23 - 2:18 pm EDT | 8 months ago by
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Steven Crowder headed to the Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival, where he ran into everything that’s wrong with SJWs and “feminists.” Of course, Crowder ended up getting thrown out of the event just for asking questions, however not before exposing all their hypocrisy.

In his commentary after being kicked out, Crowder speaks the absolutely truth about today’s version of “feminism.”

“These women — these feminists — are the absolutely, weakest among women,” he says. “They can’t handle content that might be upsetting. They need to be warned. They need to demand legislation. They need to make up terms like microagression.”

Crowder continues: “These women demand that you don’t say anything they don’t like, don’t show anything you don’t like, don’t request that they adhere to those same standards.”

“They aren’t responsible for their own finances, for their own health, or even how they feel about themselves. You are demanded to not only approve and tolerate, but praise them. It’s cultural marxism to a T.”

Watch below. This might be Crowder’s best video yet.

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