Dear Feminist Moms Using Halloween for Social Experiments

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Kiraspondence - Dear Feminist Halloween Costume Moms

Dear Feminist Moms Using Halloween for Social Experiments:

I see you’ve decided there aren’t enough costume choices out there for little girls so you’ve decided to post your own ideas for great “empowering” costume ideas. From the MAKERS site:

We tell our daughters they can be anything they want to be … except on Halloween.

Women today have more roles available to them than ever before — doctors, lawyers, astronauts, CEOs, even Presidents — but when it comes to Halloween costumes, their options are far more limited.

Despite the tremendous progress women have made over the past fifty years, the costumes that are most readily available for our next generation of leaders do not reflect the times we live in: Boys have a seemingly endless choice of strong, powerful figures to choose from, while girls’ costumes are limited to characters like Snow White, Cinderella, and “Elegant Toddler Bride.”

So if your daughter wants to be a firefighter, a police officer, or an athlete this year, you’ll have to check the boy’s costume section … or learn how to sew.

Young girls (and their parents) need more choices this Halloween and, with that in mind, we reimagined Halloween costumes — MAKERS style. These costumes in the gallery above celebrate the heroic, groundbreaking women of MAKERS.

Oof. Where do I start with this?

The obvious hilarity of “feminist costuming” aside I think the premise of your little project is in itself flawed. I think you just made that up for the sake of a post, to be honest. I have an 8-year-old daughter and I can assure you that in this day and age the choices for girl costumes are endless. There is actually MORE selection among girl outfits than boys and I have the headache from shopping with an indecisive little girl to prove it.

I think you just wanted an excuse to make baby girls uglier in the name of feminism but I’ll play along just for today. I took the liberty of punching up your costume descriptions. Please see below.

Lena Dunham – Yes, dress your baby up in these fashionable threads! Don’t forget to complete the look with accompanying “baby sister” baby doll to grope and accessorize with shame and daddy issues.

Ruth Ginsburg – When you take your baby out in this you’ll look like the type of people who pass out dental floss and raisins for Halloween, but when she falls asleep halfway through trick-or-treating that’s when this costume will really pay off.

Gloria Steinem – Slap an “I had an abortion” t-shirt on your baby and watch the compliments roll in! What could be more empowering than a baby girl choosing to use Halloween to celebrate the abortions of baby girls?

Mae Jemison – This is a nice thought. Either have fun explaining who your baby is supposed to be every 3 seconds or just be fine with the fact that pretty much no one will care that she’s a SPECIFIC astronaut.

Billie Jean King – Why not? They’re both probably in diapers at this point in their lives. Celebrate one of the greatest tennis players of all-time with a mullet wig and your granddaddy’s glasses. Business in the front, party in the back!

Of course, you could just be a mom instead of social justice warrior and let your daughter go as the Little Mermaid or whatever pretty, pretty princess she likes. Parents like you worry me for our future because you think that raising your child happens from the outside in. You think choosing the right external influences for your child is the equivalent of good parenting. You make “statements” with your parenting because your child is your social experiment.

  • We don’t let Haighleigh wear pink. It’s too gender binary!
  • We only buy Aiden baby dolls. We want him to know real men can be sensitive too!
  • The only parades we let little Mowgli Jackson attend are Gay Pride parades!

You think that these are the things that will mold your children into the right type of citizen. Maybe they’ll even get you a few “I wish I could be like you” points at the PTA meetings. Your kids are social experiments. You’re more concerned about how other people see the and you rather than simply waiting and watching to see who they become.

The thing is, raising responsible, pleasant children isn’t the result of making sure they never see a Glamour magazine or watch a Miley Cyrus video. Your kids will become what you model, not what they wear for Halloween. Letting your daughter be an ice cream cone for Halloween doesn’t mean she’s going to grow up to be an ice cream cone, or sell them, or even like them. It means absolutely nothing.

It’s a damn costume.

If you want your little girl to grow up to be empowered and educated then just be those things yourself. You are the most important influence on her life. She will learn how to admire strong women by admiring a strong mother; and a strong mother isn’t one who thinks making sure her daughter knows Gloria Steinem’s name is the same as making her strong.

You don’t want to hear this but the truth is that your daughter will derive about 90 percent of her self-worth and value from only two people in her life: her mother and her father. Those are the people who inform her most about herself.

If you want your daughter to grow up to be the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg then you should start by letting her be the pretty, pretty princess right now. Instead of telling her that her choices are wrong and destructive, tell her that you love her no matter what she wears. Wouldn’t you say that if she was choosing to wear only male cisgender attire? Affirm her in her choices and let her see that strong women can be anything they choose, even imaginary princesses dressed in pink.

You are the one that gives her an identity. Don’t crush her individuality by forcing her to conform to your standards of “empowerment.” Let her empowerment come from being raised to be confident and bold because she was loved and supported in all her personal choices.

That idiot Lena Dunham costume is exactly the opposite. It’s for you…not her.

Anyway, enjoy your little social experiments now, feminists. In 10 years, she’s going to be telling you to f*** off as she races out the door in her “Slutty Judge” outfit while you ask yourself where you went wrong with your social engineering parenting.

Happy Halloween!



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Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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