How to Make Your Bachelor Pad Look Sweet With Simple Upgrades

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    So you’re out of college, have a steady job, and finally secured a grown-up apartment.  Gone are the days when random posters of tequila shots and your fraternity flag emblazoned on your bedroom wall are acceptable forms of home décor.  But have no fear; decorating need not be the daunting, girly-esque task that it seems.  You can certainly make your pad look sweet with these simple upgrades that are easy on the wallet as well as your effort.

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    Read on below to discover what you can do with 15 minutes of your time and just a smidgen of creativity.

    Tip #1: Hide unsightly cords by propping up framed art.   Electricity cords are the devil.  They can easily make a beautifully organized home theater or computer work station look messy (and also confusing).  An easy fix to this is to a) use the plastic thing that ties loaves of bread together to label each cord (or colored binder clips, clothing pins, etc.), and b) take those frames from Grandma’s house and prop them up against the wall, hiding the cords running along the baseboard of your wall from the outlet to your tv/computer/floor lamp/speakers.  Easy peasy.

    Tip #2: Turn your alcoholic beverages into DIY décor.  Are you a wino?  A beer conneseiur?  Collect a few empty bottles of wine, replace the cork, and line the top of your kitchen cabinets with them for an instant vintage look.  Repurpose an empty beer bottle (think Delirium – not Bud Light) as a vase for a single flower (fake is OK).  Collect wine corks in a glass vase or bowl, which make for a lovely centerpiece on that table in your foyer.  You can even line several corks in a small, shallow bowl and place a bar of soap on top for instant bathroom creativity.  And those beer caps?  Instead of decorating the brim of your hat with them, simply attach a piece of magnet strip behind it for a collection of rustic refrigerator magnets.  So simple a 5-year-old could do it.

    Tip #3: Use blankets and quilts to cover walls.  Perhaps you have a big blank wall in your living room or bedroom that you just don’t know what to do with.  A great way to solve that problem while adding some insulation would be to take decorative quilts or sheets and hang them up.  They add a nice creative touch while instantly transforming the vibe in your room.  Other things to hang on walls that double as decoration include your guitar (acoustic and electric), your snowboard, and a cluster of random framed items that will give your wall a cluttered yet edgy look to it. If you hang up picture frames, don’t put them in a straight line. Buy a cheap collection of frames (like these from Kohl’s) and then put them on a diagonal, or in another random haphazard arrangement.

    Collection of frames

    Tip 4: Turn that frown upside down by repurposing unused items.  Got a fireplace that doesn’t work?  Place a potted plant in front of it to give it a warm, homey feeling.  Got tons of books that you don’t read or no longer want?  Stack them up by your couch to create a new kind of end table.  Those unsightly cardboard boxes stacked up in the corner for storing random items?  Decorate the outside with cool contact paper, leftover wall paper, or use markers to show off your graffiti skills.  Ready to retire an old throwback jersey?  Frame it and hang it up in your man cave.  Heck, forge the autograph if you so feel like it (just kidding).  Your trash can be your treasure, if you use it correctly.

    Tip 5: Add some comfortable seating. Even if you don’t have a huge place, you should have plenty of comfortable seating — and I don’t a worn-out futon. Instead, get a giant beanbag and make it the focal point of your room. Not an old-fashioned 70s style beanbag chair, but rather something like this….

    Sumo Lounge Bean Bag

    Sumo Lounge offers a variety of huge beanbags that are comfortable and stylish too. This one is their Omni Plus in suede. It’s actually 6 feet long and 5 feet wide. So it’s perfect for a couple people to sit on to play video games or have a few beers. It also makes a great choice for an extra bed when someone needs to crash at your pad. This beanbag is durable, comes in several colors, and looks awesome. If it’s too big for your place, Sumo Lounge has a wide selection in other sizes.

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