Shame These Social Justice Obsessed Students, Shame Their Professors More

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The Morse Code - Claremont McKenna College

Through all the rightful uproar and ceaseless coverage caused by the atrocity that took place in Paris, something happened here at home that grabbed my attention. I haven’t commented on it yet – as I feel my attentions were needed elsewhere – but I want to point it out here in my column.

A protest at Claremont McKenna College in California was staged by students of color to protest alleged blatant racism at the school. It was sparked by an email sent from the college’s president to a student addressing concerns about the school’s racial dealings.

Letter from Dean Spellman
Source: Twitter

This singular email was enough to bring the students together to reveal the “lack of support” from administrators, call for Dean Mary Spellman’s resignation and make a list of demands they wish to see fulfilled.

Yes, an email from the president wishing to meet with someone to show support for racial issues, and help put together a plan to fix the problem, was indicative of how much the administration and staff at CMC was not concerned with racial issues. While these mental acrobatics from the students seem bizarre, it won’t be the last time they completely ignore the words of the staff and make believe they said something else – as you’ll see.

If you wish to subject yourself to the torture of watch these students make asses of themselves, you may do so below. I warn you, it’s around 50 minutes long, and you will want to throw things.

The video starts off with a girl literally crying about how awful the college is and how horrible she feels. This cringe-worthy diatribe is followed by a list of demands made by a girl in an “Obey” shirt and a guy wearing the image of anti-homosexual, anti-free speech and child killer Che Guevara displayed on his chest to further advertise the fact that he is, indeed, a moron.

The list of demands are as such:

1. Regular surveys on the campus climate regarding racial tensions

What this will accomplish aside from giving people who think of nothing but racial tensions more to complain about is beyond me. It’s clear throughout the video that these students exhibit a large amount of racism, and giving them the ability to cry wolf at every little occurrence they find offensive (as you will see, this will be a lot) will only serve to make students who want nothing to do with this social justice thinking uncomfortable and scared to do anything.

2. “Require” greater diversity in faculty and staff

My problem with this is two-fold, and none of it has to do with diversity. For one, will this require more professors be brought on? Does the budget allow for this? What if it doesn’t? Should professors be let go or forced to resign because they’re white? Secondly, the students are making skin color a qualifier for a job, and not qualifications. Being black or Asian does not make one a good teacher but this seems to escape the students.

The Che fan would even later go on to demand that students be a part of the hiring process for new staff members at the college so that they can see to it that this diversity and adherence to their philosophies is maintained.

3. More classes revolving around racial, ethnic and sexuality theory

Why? What will a degree in any of those subjects help you accomplish? Where will that help you get a productive job? What’s the end game here? Having a gender studies degree or a masters in sexuality theory isn’t going to help you in the real world.

4. Sensitivity training for students

Apparently this is needed because students aren’t as obsessed with race and ethnicity as they should be. The major cause they present is that someone threw a Halloween party where someone dressed as a Native American. How this is hurtful is anyone’s guess, but what bothers me is that these students are essentially asking for the college to submit students to mandatory brainwashing so that they understand a racial hierarchy exists, with those claiming victimhood at the top, and those with skin remotely passing as white at the bottom. This sounds extreme but they prove this a little later on in the video.

5. Sensitivity training for professors

Same applies here. Professors will be expected to act and respond a certain way to certain students of color, either with deference or reverence. Either way, stripping the professor’s ability to teach a class the way it should be taught in order to make sure no one is offended is not conducive to an atmosphere of learning. Then again, these students obviously aren’t concerned with learning real world skills and valuable knowledge.

Some more demands are made, but they fall in line with the above five and aren’t worth noting. After this, there are a lot of platitudes thrown around about how marginalized the students of color are, and how the institution is somehow against them. The students of color claim they’re being silenced despite offers of hearing them out by the president, and the fact that a very diverse crowd of students and professors came to hear them yell into megaphones.

After this, some of the staff members speak to the students, essentially saying yes to their demands, and even the Dean of Students agreeing with them wholeheartedly and even going so far as to apologize to the students. This is of course greeted with the students asking why the staff isn’t agreeing to what they are saying and demanding they start doing so – even though that’s exactly what they did.

This goes on for some time, with the students essentially giving the Dean of Students a slew of tut-tuts and tongue lashings. One student even goes so far as telling the staff that it’s their job to “keep them safe,” meaning keep opinions and expressions that they find offensive away from them. That’s not a teacher’s job at all, but again, these students don’t live in the same world we do.

Eventually the president of the college steps into the middle of the circle but, before he can get a word out, a white woman is chastised for trying to give him a megaphone and pointing out the blatant hypocrisy for trying to keep one from him. She’s accused of trying to take up “color space” and when asked to speak, she’s told she can’t speak.

A repeat of what happened with the Dean of Students goes down with the president of the school, with him giving them everything they want and the students accusing him of not doing that and giving him a good talking to. This goes on for some time – and if at this point you don’t already have a concussion from the amount of times your head hit your desk, I’ll be surprised.

This is a painful thing to watch, not only because of the student’s lack of any kind of maturity and grasp on reality, but also because the college staff takes this abuse placidly. They do not attempt to call out any false claims, nor they do try to defend themselves when accused of wrongdoing. They clasp their hands and dip their heads like a child being scolded by a parent.

This brings me to a major point I feel isn’t getting enough attention. For all the outrage we show toward these young adults who throw public temper tantrums every time their ideological and emotional bubbles are slightly breached, these are monsters that were created – and created monsters have a creator.

The faculty and staff of these colleges are the ones that instill these values into their students. They are the ones who are teaching them that they are being marginalized and that they are being victimized by an oppressive system. So when these students absorb these lessons and become these monsters, it’s not surprise that they instantly turn around and devour their creators.

It’s because of these professors and administrators that these students are growing up without any preparation for the real world. They teach them that there is a bad guy, and he comes in the form of white skin. They teach them that women are oppressed and victimized, and that it’s because of men. They teach them that there are poor people being taken advantage of by rich, and it’s all because of the evil that is capitalism.

Top photo: “Bauer sanbernardino”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikipedia

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brandon Morse has been writing about politics and culture across many websites for the last six years, with a heavy emphasis on anti-authoritarianism. Aside from writing articles, he is also known for voice acting and authoring scripts. He is an avid gamer, dog person, and has a bad habit of making vague references to things no one has heard about or seen. Follow him at @TheBrandonMorse on Twitter.

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