Dear Leftist Media: Your PC Culture is Killing Us

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    Kiraspondence - San Bernardino shootings

    Dear Leftists,

    Your PC culture is killing us.

    You are deliberately asking us to ignore our instincts, our fear, our fight or flight responses in the name of “tolerance” – as if unrestricted tolerance is some kind moral high ground, which of course you don’t even believe yourselves. If I had a dime for every time I heard a liberal utter the phrase “I don’t tolerate intolerance” I’d have enough money to buy Donald Trump a decent haircut. Even you people must believe that there are limits to tolerance, that too much tolerance of poor behavior welcomes bigotry and danger.

    Welcome to the real world, children.

    Too much tolerance is indeed a bad thing. For instance, say what you will but I am extremely intolerant of child molesters. In fact, I think repeat offenders should receive the death penalty. The presence of people who sexually assault children shouldn’t be tolerated in any civil society.

    Also, I refuse to tolerate milk. I’m allergic to lactose and it makes me sick to drink milk. My intolerance is actually a good thing for the health and comfort of my body.

    I don’t tolerate adults living in my home who refuse to contribute or pay bills. I don’t tolerate racism. I don’t tolerate Kanye West’s stupid “fashion” line. Tolerance has its place and it has its limits.

    However, you have bashed us over the head repeatedly with this message that the ultimate kindness is ultimate tolerance, and anyone who expresses a smidgen of caution when it comes to things like terrorism and making it easier for terrorists to enter our country is immediately ostracized as a racist.

    Your rhetoric has put innocent people in danger and is indirectly responsible for the murder of 14 people in San Bernardino on Wednesday. That’s because we have come to find out in the ensuing hours since the attack that a neighbor of the Islamic terrorists was actually quite suspicious of what was happening in their home and wanted to report those suspicions to authorities, but did not do so for fear of being labeled a racist or bigot.

    See “Clockboy” for how people who have concerns of that nature are treated.

    You can imagine why that person chose to keep quiet. Hell, you practically drew up the handbook on keeping quiet. You use your bully pulpits over and over again to shame and ridicule Americans who don’t fall in line with your group-think narratives. An officer in L.A. was publicly humiliated via social media because he handcuffed and ticketed a young black woman who immediately cried racism. Only after hours of outrage from the Left was it revealed that the officer was in the right and simply asking her not to give her boyfriend a blowjob on a public street.

    That happened to be the job of the officer and he takes risks when he serves the public, but a regular American certainly doesn’t want to be put through such scrutiny and merciless personal judgment by a media that isn’t interested in telling the whole story anymore.

    We’ve done the same thing with our young women. For years now, we’ve been telling them (particularly the white ones) that if they are walking alone at night and see a black/minority male heading towards them and they decide to cross the street that they are bigoted and contributing to the ills of a ragingly racist nation. This is not only a disgusting generalization but it deliberately dulls the survival instincts that every woman has (and should have) when she is alone.

    Any self-defense instructor will tell you that many women walk right into danger because they’re afraid if they turn and run they’ll be seen as racist or alarmist – and they don’t want to feel stupid. The PC culture you promote puts women in danger because it preys on their need to be liked and to nurture. This is a man’s world and a woman only has so many tools. One is her instincts. So when you tell her to ignore those instincts in favor of “tolerance,” you point her towards danger – and that’s cruel.

    Likewise, when the terrorists shot up a government building on Wednesday, despite all the evidence and history and what we just went through in Paris and multiple messages and videos and tweets from ISIS broadcasting their intentions – (deep breath) – you asked us to throw away our most basic intellectual skills and assume that this could only be a part of some copycat Planned Parenthood attack.

    As more and more evidence mounted throughout the day, you switched from “Is this an angry, white, Christian pro-lifer copycat?” to “We don’t really have a motive.” Despite the fact that the attackers were Muslim, were heavily armed, had dozens of bombs and had contact with ISIS operatives, you are still asking Americans to believe that you have no clue what their motive could possibly be (although you conveniently had one 30 minutes into the first reports from San Bernardino).

    You think Americans are stupid. You’ve been telling them 2+2=5 every time someone dares to make it equal 4. You think you are serving to promote tolerance but your ignorance and bias is only serving to promote the cause of evil by dulling our instincts and making us afraid to speak up. The government’s official line on terrorism since 9/11 has quite publicly been: “If you see something, say something.” And then someone says something and Sally Kohn at CNN rips into you for being a close minded, 2+2=4-loving American.

    Your intolerance of the truth has led to the creation of an environment where terrorists have free reign and can be assured their actions will never be judged by the truth of their motivations, thus making each proceeding attack easier and easier.

    You actively encourage Americans to stop thinking.

    That, my friends, is nothing short of treasonous. Shame on you.

    A mom who learned math the right way,



    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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