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Lines of Departure - San Bernardino

But, no, asking, “Why can’t we?” is not, in fact, the answer to its own question. Some questions on that in a bit, though. For now, well, in light of recent events, I don’t think I can say it better than I wrote for a book, about a decade ago:

But the sense of timing, that inner light that tells
one the precisely wrong time to take an action—if not
all Moslems enjoyed it, then certainly the culture was
pervaded with it, they all received the dubious benefits
of it . . . and in a sense, all had come to expect it.
Has a young Federated States just ended a war
with a great maritime power? Obviously this was the
best of all possible times to begin piratical attacks on
FSC shipping. Was an older and much more powerful
Federated States about to show a little more evenhandedness
in Zionic-Moslem relations? That was the
surest sign possible that a planeload of handicapped
orphans on their way to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to
Fantasy World was about to be blown from the sky.
Has Zion’s prime minister announced he is willing
to trade a modicum of security for some chance at
peace? Pay that man’s life insurance premium because
as certain as daylight he’ll be dead at Salafi hands
before the month is over. Is the Federated States about
to engage in a great military enterprise to free one
Moslem state from another oppressing it? Be certain
that both the Moslem adversary and its friends will do
everything possible to insure that the timing of their
predictable defeat is perfect . . . for the Federated
States. It was as if an entire culture was locked onto
one of those decision-making diagrams, one where
every block is labeled, “make serious mistake here,”
and that culture must always, always, always choose
the “yes” arrow . . . and at the worst possible time.1

Here we have Europe adding in millions of “refugees,” and planning on more millions yet, said slices of largely military age male Moslems surely containing enough planted terrorists to make Europe howl, and what does ISIS do? Before they have a fraction of the power in place they could have had, they arrange for or motivate the massacre of a bunch of innocent people, enough innocent people to make a number of countries of the European Union block their borders, which will increase the pressure on the rest to likely intolerable and insupportable levels, which may lead any or all of them to something typically European and most murderous. Then, over here, Obama wants us to take in some thousands ourselves and what happens? San Bernardino happens.

Why, one would almost think the President wants the Hildabeast, assuming she gets the Democratic nomination, to lose next November. If so, one might: A) even note in the Quran, that, indeed, “Allah is the best plotter of all,”2 while, B) “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”3 Sorta makes one feel a twinge of affection for the late Syed Farook and his porcine wife, no?4

One wonders, too, if our progressives and Europe’s aren’t following the same playbook as the Islamicists: “Make serious mistake here.” It would be one explanation.

All that said, the meat of this particular column is not to condemn, per se, but to ask some dozen questions, especially of the progressive left, but also of the audience in general.

  1. Recent events in San Bernadino5 suggest that even if born here, as Syed Farook was, the potential for terrorism cannot be ruled out. Are you willing to allow heightened scrutiny, which is to say, “racial profiling,” for Moslems, to include native born Moslems? For the Nation of Islam?6
  2. Farook obtained his firearms in what may be the most firearms restrictive, anti-gun state in the Union. The right has been pretty candid about, “Cold dead fingers,” and means it, which is to say they’re willing to fight a civil war rather than let you take their guns (as an obvious and predictable prelude to the Gulag of your wet dreams). You may not understand it, but that’s your intellectual failing; it remains true whatever you understand or fail to. In other words, your fantasies of gun confiscation are just that, fantasies; it’s not going to happen. Hence, since you cannot control the bogeyman of your nightmares, those doubleplusungood EBRs,7 nor much in the way of arms, period, are you willing to control the number of Moslems allowed entrance, which can be done?
  3. While there are certainly some of you who consider religion to be inherently child abuse, self-evidently false, and unutterably evil, and while some of you would like to extirpate religion, period, you can’t do that either, because we’ll simply kill you – or, worse for you, kill you in complex and crowd-pleasing ways – if you try. On the other hand, given that Islam is, as the last two columns pointed out, different, most of us probably won’t care if you try to extirpate it. Are you willing to take what you can get?
  4. Although suspected of placing religion over country, in years long past, the threat perceived as coming from American Catholicism never seemed to work out that way. Rather, on the whole, American Catholic immigrants turned out to favor God over country, and that only sometimes, and country over the Vatican, which the Vatican, itself, has generally been content with. Islam, of course, has no Vatican, not anything much like it, but in their guiding rulebook, the Quran, itself, country is a highly suspect concept. Are you willing to support legislation that recognizes that full allegiance to Islam and full allegiance to the United States are not compatible? Are you willing to modify the Oath of Allegiance from:

    I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty—

    to add to it, right after sovereignty, “or any foreign political movement, even if wrapped in the colors of religion, especially meaning Islam or any heretical sects springing from it”?

  5. Given Taqiyya8 and Kitman,9 are you willing to enact laws for the exercise of extreme judicial sanction, ranging from loss of citizenship and deportation to death, against those who, having either claimed citizenship via naturalization or been born to it, put the political philosophy and welfare of Islam ahead of the welfare of the United States and the Constitution?10
  6. Are you willing to remove or heavily reduce the secret service protection for Chiefs of State who feel the threat is non-existent, consisting only of harmless widows and children? Just curious.
  7. Are you willing to take Moslem refugee families into your home, and willing to support them at your expense, with no more vetting than the Reichsicherheitshaupt…oops, I mean Department of Homeland Security, INS, and FBI give to any other refugees?
  8. Are you willing to board a random sample of Syrian “refugees,” to include military age males, in the White House or Camp David, or any place where the National Command Authority may temporarily reside, and to send a reasonable number on Air Force One or any chartered or military aircraft carrying the first family, without subjecting them to any security precautions whatsoever?
  9. Are you willing to refuse enlistment or commissioning in the armed forces, to anyone adhering to Islam, or discharge or imprison those who convert/revert while in service?11
  10. Are you willing to fund schools to which all Moslem immigrants must send their children, which schools will be devoted to undermining the childrens’ faith and instilling in them the greatest possible love for the United States, while turning them into spies against any of their relatives who might act against us?
  11. Are you willing to recognize that multiculturalism, even if it might work for us with certain cultures, doesn’t work nearly so well, or at all, with cultures that are too incompatible, and which hate our guts? Are you willing to legislatively note and deal with the difference?
  12. Are you willing to actually read the goddamned translations and finally admit that Islam is not a “Religion of Peace?”

Just curious, of course.


1 A Desert Called Peace, free download from Amazon here. Note that there is a second edition which is still not for free. The difference is that the second edition of the e-version has tables of organization in the back for various stages of the legion’s growth and various sub organizations. It was a pain in the butt doing those in some legible, replicable format so, no, I don’t feel a bit of guilt for charging for it.

2 Surah 8:30

3 José Francisco Correia da Serra

4 As a matter of fact, no. That said, got to tell you, when I saw Saddam Hussein falling through the trap door it was with very mixed feelings. He had, you see, come through for me not just once but twice, the first time to escape Army Recruiting Command, for the First Gulf War, and the second time for assisting me in escaping the practice of law, in 2003, for the Second Gulf War. I owed him. Big.


6 I haven’t yet met an Arab Moslem who believes NOI is actually Islamic. So far as I’m aware, however, NOI members have never engaged in terrorism. Crime, yes. Murder, yes. But those appear to simple crime and occasional fund raising, not actual terrorism, and basically during the late civil rights era, and as spin off of the whole societal semi-collapse during the 1960s and 70s. Peruse, with care:

7 Evil Black Rifles. It’s a bit like Warhammer 40k Orks, doncha know. Just as “Da red wunz go fastah,” to the fictional Orks, so black “makes it more evil,” to the left. Hmmm…NAACP, have you guys noticed this blatant, color-based racism? Double hmmm; the right has been calling lefties “zombies” for quite a while now, but maybe some of them are actually orcs.



10 Note that both Taqiyya and Kitman are perfectly understandable, and their equivalents have been used by non-Moslems. This does not mean, however, that we must accept additional risk to ourselves and our families because of what our ancestors did, or for any other reason.

11 Yeah, this one especially kind of makes my skin crawl, too, but the logic of teaching potential enemies to shoot, blow things up, train more enemies, and lead same is, shall we say, not altogether airtight and compelling.

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Tom Kratman is a retired infantry lieutenant colonel, recovering attorney, and science fiction and military fiction writer. His latest novel, The Rods and the Axe, is available from for $9.99 for the Kindle version, or $25 for the hardback. A political refugee and defector from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, he makes his home in Blacksburg, Virginia. He holds the non-exclusive military and foreign affairs portfolio for EveryJoe. Tom’s books can be ordered through

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