Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump a Jerk

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Sun, Dec 20 - 2:55 am EST | 2 days ago by
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It’s no secret that there’s no love lost between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. They have often attacked each other throughout the campaign season. On Saturday while campaigning in New Hampshire, Bush said unprompted, “I’ve gotta get this off my chest: Donald Trump is a jerk.”

Bush went on to bash the frontrunner for insulting women, Hispanics and those with disabilities. He also ripped Trump for not knowing much when it came to foreign affairs.

“Did you hear him talk about foreign policy in the debate?” Bush said. “He has no clue.”

It’s good that Jeb is showing a little spunk, but let’s be honest, at this point it doesn’t really matter what Bush is saying about Trump. Trump has a substantial lead in the GOP race, and if someone does catch him, it’s not going to be Bush.

Jeb’s campaign has been flailing for months, and in most recent polls doesn’t garner more than 5 percent support.

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