Dear Santa, Please Bring Me an Honest Media

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    Kiraspondence - Dear Santa

    Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is a media that doesn’t lie…

    …a media that doesn’t purposefully twist and obliterate the truth in service of their personal, professional and corporate biases.

    I would like a media that doesn’t throw an absolute conniption fit when a low-level GOP staffer accuses the Obama’s teenage daughters of looking “sullen” at a presser and then turn around and declare “fair game” on the children of politicians. The mainstream media would lose their ever-loving, “progressive, tolerant” minds if a major publication depicted the Obama daughters as monkeys, but the Washington Post thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for the daughters of presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

    As a stocking stuffer, I’d like screenshots of all the terrible things the media is saying about Cruz’s adorable baby girls so when he becomes President we can borrow a page from the left-wing extremist cry-baby handbook and post outrageous stories about how “no other President in history has ever suffered this kind of disrespect.” For a bonus, please add footage of everyone from Rachel Maddow to the cast of SNL calling George Bush any variation of “stupid, idiot, mentally deficient” and a clip from that one movie in which Bush is assassinated. It won at Cannes.

    I would like a media that doesn’t oddly worship at the altar of Allah while taking every opportunity to impugn and malign Christianity and Christian residents of this Judeo-Christian nation.

    I would like a media that doesn’t drool over politicians and school children who don a hijab in some weird show of “support” for Muslims who look at the hijab as a respectable symbol of modesty, while at the same time mercilessly shaming young Christian men and women who declare their intentions to wait until marriage before becoming sexually active.

    I would like a media that isn’t the very definition of “asshole.”

    I would like a media that is intellectually curious enough to exert the same amount of energy investigating the “Affordable” Healthcare Act as they did to uncover every last, boring detail of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate.”

    I would like a media that doesn’t perplexingly blast Marco Rubio for using his book advance to pay off student loans (I mean, seriously, this is a problem?) while completely ignoring whatever it is Bill and Hillary Clinton did with their 15 million in book advance money. I guess if you’re using your money for whores and pantsuits it’s not an issue. Pay off the money you borrowed from someone else with money you earned from the job you were ultimately being educated for? Despicable!

    I would like a media that opens up their questioning of Democrat candidates with queries about their views on abortion, gay marriage and Islam. I would like a media that at the very least gives those people the opportunity to be honest about what they actually believe instead of simply assuming that they believe all the “right things.”

    I would like a media that doesn’t completely melt every time someone says the word “basketball” or “lazy” in the same sentence as “Obama” and yet virtually ignore when black Republicans and conservatives (like myself, Stacy Washington, Sonnie Johnson, David Webb, Clarence Thomas – on and on and on) are daily threatened with violence and called house ni***ers, porch monkeys and sellouts. I would like a media that is brave enough to admit racism is hurtful no matter who it comes from or the beliefs of the people at which it’s directed.

    I would like a media that feels like they’re on the side of America; a media that doesn’t spend more time berating Americans for their imaginary Islamophobia in the wake of yet another terror attack by Muslims than they do the actual terrorists and their supporters.

    I would like a media that doesn’t try to shame me and frighten my children to death every day because we dare use a gas combustible engine, while fawning all over empty-headed celebrities who charter private jets to take luxury vacations with their pets and giant entourages. But they drive Priuses to the Oscars so that’s okay!

    I would like a media that would actually investigate real human rights abuses all over the world. As they bite their nails and fret over Muslim women maybe possibly, probably but-not-really being given the side-eye for wearing hijabs, Muslim women in countries we currently call “allies” are being stoned and beheaded for infractions like adultery, driving or allowing themselves to be brutally raped.

    I would like a media that will show me how much they actually believe #BlackLivesMatter by investigating just how many black lives we’ve ended in the abortion mills and how that has disproportionately affected our population, and how we are represented in schools, professions, politics and society at large.

    I would like a media that is inclined to shed light on the dark reaches of government instead of dutifully holding their tongues and their stories so as not to be disinvited from the White House briefings and Capitol Hill cocktail parties.

    I would like a media that doesn’t insist on making me call a man still endowed with all his appendages and costumed in a dress a woman.

    I would like a media that could manage to keep their personal biases in the breakroom and bring back some professionalism to the world we used to call “journalism.”

    Dear Santa, if you could bring me this I would be the most grateful little girl in the whole entire world.

    Also, I can see about some extra milk and cookies being left out for you, if you could throw in a weekend with Idris Elba at an exclusive Fiji resort. Something to think about.

    Merry Christmas!


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    Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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