Munich Terror Threat: Two Train Stations Evacuated

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Thu, Dec 31 - 7:30 pm EDT | 3 months ago by
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A terrorist threat in Germany led to two train stations being evacuated on Thursday night.

“Due to serious evidence, the police in Munich are dealing with an active threat of a terror attack in the Munich area,” police said in a Facebook post asking people to avoid crowds. “Due to existing information which we take highly seriously, there is an attack planned tonight.”

Around midnight, the police took to Twitter to reiterate their warnings:

The tweet translates to: “We expressly point out again that we take the threat very seriousy! Please stay vigilant! #Munich”

Terror threats by ISIS and other groups have caused many to rethink their New Year’s Eve plans around the world. On Wednesday, a fireworks display in Brussels, Belgium was also canceled due to fear of a terrorist attack. Several people were detained in suspected connection to the Belgium attack plot.

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