Trump Calls Out Bill Clinton as One of the “Great Abusers”

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Thu, Dec 31 - 2:26 am EST | 4 days ago by
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The feud between presidential frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continues to escalate. What began as an allegation of sexism from Clinton in response to a controversial comment from Trump has led to an all-out war: Trump, fervently attempting to introduce Bill Clinton into the dialogue and cast him as an actual sexist, has now condemned the former president as “one of the great abusers of the world.”

Trump made his incendiary comments at an end-of-year rally in South Carolina, where he explained to the crowd how he had “no choice” but to fight back against Clinton’s assertion that Trump had displayed a “penchant for sexism.” According to the real estate mogul, Clinton’s words were both dishonest and overly aggressive.

“You can’t let people push you around. You can’t let people tell lies,” said Trump, who added that “nobody respects women more than Donald Trump.” He then bemoaned the former Secretary of State’s use of gender as a political sticking point: “She’s hitting me really hard with the women card. She’s not going to win.”

While the billionaire businessman has shown no hesitation when it comes to employing attack ads against his political rivals, Trump’s ferocious efforts to dismantle Hillary Clinton’s campaign by linking her to Bill Clinton’s history of scandal have reached a fever pitch over the last week. Trump has particularly focused on Clinton’s use of her husband on the campaign trail as a hypocritical move given his role in a number of high-profile adultery cases.

“I had to mention her husband’s situation,” Trump noted. He then switched gears to compare Clinton to GOP presidential competitor Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor who has failed to make a significant impact in the primary despite impressive fundraising totals. “Hillary is a disaster. She’s controlled by her money, so is Jeb,” Trump said. “She has lower energy than Jeb Bush.”

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