New Poll: Trump Builds Lead in Iowa, Dominates in NH

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Mon, Jan 25 - 1:19 pm EST | 3 days ago by
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With the Iowa caucuses right around the corner, many are expecting to see a tight race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the state. However, the latest poll from Fox News indicates that Trump may actually be pulling away from Cruz.

Donald Trump
Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Among Republican caucus-goers, Trump received 34 percent support with Cruz sitting at just 23 percent. Marco Rubio finds himself in third place with only 12 percent. This is a big change from two weeks ago when Cruz was at 27 percent and Trump at 23 percent in the same poll.

There seems to have been a shift among the “very” conservative voters and evangelical Christians away from Cruz and toward Trump. Cruz had been ahead of Trump by 18 points in the “very” conservative category, but now they are virtually deadlocked (34 to 33 percent, in favor of Cruz). Among white evangelical Christians, Cruz’s previous 14-point lead has dwindled down to just a 2-point advantage.

So, what has changed in Iowa? Are Iowans now believing Trump that Cruz might not actually be eligible to president? Are they listening to their governor, who urged Iowan residents to vote against Cruz because of his opposition to ethanol? It’s hard to tell if there’s a real shift just by the findings in one poll, and of course, many voters may change their minds before Iowans caucus on February 1.

Over in New Hampshire, the latest Fox News poll has Trump doubling up his nearest competitor. The poll shows The Donald with 31 percent, Cruz at 14 and Rubio at 13. No other candidate is in double digits.

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