Teenage Ted Cruz Set His Sights on World Domination

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Mon, Jan 25 - 1:00 pm EDT | 3 months ago by
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A new video surfaced over the weekend of 18-year-old Ted Cruz. As you’d probably imagine, the young Cruz was awkward yet cocky. The footage features Cruz as a high school student in Houston sitting in front of a water fountain, talking about taking over the world — and wanting to be in a teen tit film.

“Aspirations – is that like sweat on my butt?” Cruz jokes to someone off-camera. “No, no. Oh, I see, what I want to do in life. Well my aspiration is to, uh… Oh I don’t know, be in a teen tit film, like that guy who played Horatio. You know he was in Malibu Bikini Beach Shop?”

Cruz goes on: “Well, other than that, uh, take over the world – world domination. You know, rule everything, rich, powerful, that sorta stuff.”

Of course, liberal websites are making a big deal of the video. Personally, I think it’s hilarious and probably just what we might expect from a smartass teenager.

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