Trump Disgusted by Cruz’s Tactics, Says Lawsuit Possible

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Despite having maintained a sizable lead in the national polls for months, GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump only mustered second place in the Iowa caucus, losing out to Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Now, Trump may file a formal complaint against Cruz for allegedly defrauding voters by indicating that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson had dropped out of the race.

Trump Might Sue Cruz
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During an interview with Boston Herald Radio, Trump confirmed that suing Cruz remains a possibility after the senator’s campaign staffers spread rumors on Tuesday that Carson was no longer in the running. Trump, who referred to the gaffe as “one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen,” blasted Cruz for manipulating voters.

“What he did is unthinkable,” Trump insisted. “He said the man has left the race and he said it during the caucus. And then when clarification was put out by Ben Carson saying it’s untrue, they got a statement and they didn’t put it out. They apologized after the caucus was over. How does that help?”

According to Trump, Cruz’s actions allowed him to cinch the victory in a close race that the polls had predicted would go in Trump’s favor. “It’s total voter fraud when you think of it, and he picked up a lot of those votes, and that’s why the polls were so wrong, because of that,” he said.

Trump also took issue with a Cruz mailer that too closely resembled an official government document. “It says ‘voter violation’ up top on very official-looking stationary,” he said. “The way you clear it up is go and vote for Cruz. The whole thing is incredible.”

Carson has also criticized the Cruz campaign for engaging in underhanded tactics. “I think whoever is responsible for blatant lying should be dismissed, absolutely. Unless that kind of behavior is acceptable in your campaign culture,” he said during a Tuesday appearance on CNN’s “The Lead.”

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