The Patriarchy; It’s Forever

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Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually
end up plowing for those who kept their swords.
~ Ben Franklin (attributed)

Lines of Departure - Kurd Woman

Some time back I expended a column on the cultural and moral iniquities of the Kurds.1 For all their myriad failings, however, I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to having learned something from Kurdish women.

There was an instance in 1991, up in northern Iraq, where one of our teams visited a smallish, one family, encampment of Kurds. All the men and older boys were gone away (perhaps at a symposium on well poisoning and Assyrian skinning, maybe with optional classes in manipulating the ignorant Western media) leaving behind the women and girls and one young boy, maybe age seven or eight. Whatever the Kurds’ cultural failings may be, inhospitality – at least if they’re not actively trying to rob or kill you – is not among them. The women on the camp went into high gear, cooking, preparing drinks, etc., while the senior woman placed the sole male present, the boy, in the place of honor at the head of the dining area. He, true to form, began ordering his older sisters and mother around like slaves which, to all appearances and by all reports, they thoroughly enjoyed.

My team sergeant, Sig, commented upon this with words to the effect that, “We need to kill all the Kurdish men.” I thought about that for a fair bit, before finally answering to the effect of, “Won’t work; the next generation of boys will be raised to be exactly like the generations we’d have exterminated. From the point of view of a Kurdish woman, the way to get the good things in life is to have a husband and sons who are capable of stealing and looting them for her. Moreover, and closely related, Kurdish women still remember the lesson Western women have forgotten, that women who fail to raise their men to believe themselves to be superior orders of being become the property of women who do…and of their sons.”


One of the chief intellectual failings of those we deem intellectuals – and their running dogs, the intelligentsia – is to mistake the real universe2 for either what’s inside the borders of the polities over which they exercise their malignant influence or, still worse, for the fantasies that can only exist within the weakened brains inhabiting the fever swamps inside their neutronium-dense skulls. By way of example, think here of pacifism, as intellectual a doctrine as exists. Pacifism can only exist to any important degree within a society that will, unwisely, expend its blood and treasure to defend pacifists and which is, to one extent or another, invariably weakened by the presence of pacifists and the baleful influence of pacifism. Imagine, then, a pacifist state. How long does it last before being destroyed by its non-pacifist neighbor? Couple of years? Couple of days? Maybe, if you’re a pacifist tribe on some Pacific islands, it ends as soon as the Maori show up.3 Even where you may find something remotely like that – Costa Rica, say, which has no army – you also find that it exists on sufferance and only because there’s a big brother, us, who guarantees to defend it. Pacifism is truly a parasitical philosophy, except when it’s suicidal.


Speaking of suicidal philosophies, contemplate what feminism has done and continues to do to Western man, and to Western armed forces. Western man, as a boy, is indoctrinated into the vast and irredeemable wickedness inherent in his sex. He is taught to be meek. He is incessantly nagged never to commit crimes he’d usually never have thought about committing, anyway. If he should so much as draw a picture of a weapon in school, he is driven out, punished, suspended from class. He may not fight. He may not compete. If a ROTC Cadet, he must disgrace himself by wearing red high heels in public (likely because the female general ordering it lacked a penis to engage in actual rape, so had to make do with moral rape4). In short, he must let himself be transformed into a breastless girl, and then a vagina-bereft woman. He becomes a metrosexual, a mere caricature of a man. Perhaps he becomes a moral eunuch. He is not allowed to be a man, in any case.

No, this isn’t universal, yet. Neither is it quite as complete a theft of identity as I’ve shown, yet. Give it some time; the left and feminists, to the extent those differ, haven’t had complete control over our educational system all that long, really.

And the regular armed forces? The American military female is strong, proud, and brave…except that she is a constant victim of rape, she’s so strong and proud and brave. The American military male is a hero, except that he’s constantly accused of being a rapist who’s just never been caught yet, and constantly nagged, again, never to commit crimes he’d never commit anyway. He may not talk like a man. He may not sing a man’s song while running or marching. He cannot be one of the boys when it is so much more important that he become one of the girls.

American military women can even make it through Army Ranger School, one in forty-six or so of a mostly rather select group anyway. Eventually. Still, most interestingly, when Congress demanded the records for those women the Army first obfuscated and delayed, and then destroyed the records before they could be perused. I am sure the reader will forgive me for wondering what those records would have shown, and for doubting that the three female rangers actually met the standards. I didn’t actually, initially, doubt. I was willing to believe right up until the records were destroyed. Now I have little doubt but they were coddled through and deemed to pass what they had failed. Yes, they have tabs and so the cargo cultism of the left deems them equal. But they are not equal. If they’d been equal, there’d have been no need to destroy the records.

Indeed, modern women should contemplate how strong and brave and free and equal they are from inside the confines of the safe spaces they insist upon.


So the feminists have beaten or are still beating our swords, our men, into plowshares. What, O feminists, is the world like, outside the aforementioned fever swamps, cooking your diseased brains, inside your neutronium-dense skulls? How shall plowshares, or eunuchs, deal with it? How shall you?

This is that world, sweetie:

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And this:

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And this:

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And this:

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And this:

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That’s a real patriarchy in action, honey buns.5

You see, it is the greatest mark of the intellectual inadequacy of the modern feminist that she, all intellectual-like, forgets or ignores that there is a real world out there, stronger and infinitely more effective than the fantasies that can only exist in safe spaces, to include the safe space of her diseased mind. It is a corollary to the intellectual inadequacy of being unable to distinguish between very different things. She forgets, for example, that there are two possible patriarchies; that, or she simply lacks the brain power to distinguish between them. One patriarchy is composed of her father, her husband or her boyfriend, her brothers, if they’ve not all been made into moral castrati, and even her sons, if she hasn’t cut their balls off. They care about her and will defend her. The other is composed of someone else’s husband, father, brothers, and sons, to whom she is a potentially profitable but completely expendable piece of salable meat. You have to be very stupid indeed, not to be able to see the difference, as the feminist cannot see the difference. You have to be a total idiot to think you can escape patriarchy, too. It flows from force. Properly raised men can apply that force. Improperly raised men cannot resist it. Women, as a sex, with very few exceptions, are incompetent in violence, hence cannot resist it, no, not even if they’re given unearned Ranger tabs and the records burned to hide the truth.

And so I leave you, modern, empowered, American feminists with this poem:

Force rules the world still,
Has ruled it, shall rule it;
Meekness is weakness,
Strength is triumphant,
Over the whole earth
Still is it Thor’s-Day!

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Challenge of Thor

Contemplate this upon the auction block.


2 Think here how clearly the lefty term “reality based” means nothing but fantasy.

3 There’s been an attempt for some decades to try to rewrite what happened to the Moriori people. Screw that; they were effectively exterminated.


5 Any or all of those pictures may be staged or Photoshopped. Consider them illustrations, not evidence.

Photo by Eric LAFFORGUE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

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