The GOP, Media and Regressive Left Are Proving Trump’s Case For Him

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    I am the most reluctant Donald Trump supporter in the world. If you’ve followed my earlier articles, you know I was a Rand Paul man – and I think he lost because he chose to listen to handlers that told him he had to try to appeal to what the GOP establishment imagines the mainstream is. He bought into the fantasy, his campaign went nowhere and it cost us the guy I still think would have been a great president.

    Donald Trump wins Florida

    Meanwhile, Trump has been unstoppable because he didn’t fall into that fantasy. The mainstream media want you to believe he’s winning because he’s appealed to racism or bigotry or Islamophobia. Some of those things may well exist among some of his supporters, but that’s not why he’s winning. He’s not winning because of Mexicans or because of Muslims or because of the size of his hands. He’s winning because what he’s REALLY tapping into is the outrage people feel at being treated like idiots by the political and media elite of the United States (and the rest of the world, for that matter).

    People are not as stupid as those of us who were afflicted by university education sometimes trick ourselves into imagining, in our smug superiority. Even uneducated people, ordinary people, can tell when they’re being sold a can of bullcrap. They usually know when they’re being lied to in some way. And they almost always know when they’re being talked down to.

    And I’ll go one further: it’s not mainly liberals that Trump fans are mad about. Sure, they definitely hate liberals, because liberals routinely talk down to them. They constantly tell regular people that they aren’t capable of being in charge of their own lives and need politicians and social workers and feminist theoreticians to decide how they should live for them. But everyone is used to that by now. We all know what liberals are all about. They’re the unabashed party of Big Government and the Nanny State. But at least they openly admit it.

    The main thing that Trump fans are outraged about is not the liberals, but the elite “conservatives.” The people that Trump fans are mad at above all else are the GOP party establishment. You know, the people who always TALK big about getting government out of your lives but never do a damn thing about it. The ones who campaign on having small government but then always back Big Government when they’re in power.

    The GOP are the ones who claim they’re going to protect the liberties of ordinary Americans, but then only end up helping their Ivy League buddies running big corporations while letting the Nanny State go nuts at crapping all over everyone else’s rights – and everything regular people value.

    That’s why they’re pissed off. That’s why they’re voting for the guy that, in spite of being a billionaire, seems like the ultimate outsider. And the more angry all the insiders get at him, the more they lie about him and the more they try to take him down, the more sure Trump fans are that they’re backing the right guy. And more importantly, the more they do this, the more that people like me, who wouldn’t exactly be inclined to be pro-Trump, start to become more convinced that he’s on to something.

    And when you see that the one thing both the Republican Establishment, the Regressive Leftists in the Democratic Party and the sellout Mainstream Media on both the right and the left all agree on is that Donald Trump must be stopped, it’s enough to make even a guy like me want to – no, have to – take his side. There’s tons of stuff Trump has said that I don’t really like. There’s tons of stuff about him that don’t sit well with me. There’s stuff about the way he says it that I find distasteful. But who his enemies are, and how they’re acting, force me to support him more every day.

    And if he’s winning over a guy like me, because of what the Establishment is doing, then the Establishment may well be doomed.

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    Kasimir Urbanski doesn’t write on a specific subject; he’s EveryJoe’s resident maniac-at-large. A recovering Humanities academic and world-traveler, he now lives in South America and is a researcher of fringe religion, eastern philosophy, and esoteric consciousness-expansion. In his spare time he writes tabletop RPGs, and blogs about them at Follow Kasimir on Twitter @KasimirUrbanski.

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