Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Bernie and Trump Phenomena Explained

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    Bernie Sanders - Donald Trump

    This election cycle continues to get bloodier and bloodier every day. The Republican party is (for all intents and purposes) collapsing under the weight of Donald Trump’s candidacy and the bitter battle between his supporters and Ted Cruz supporters. Conservatives once on the same side are turning against each other, insulting each other – #Trumphumpers #CruzCucks – friendships are ending and Facebook spats are getting nastier.

    It’s scary out there.

    Trump seemed to come out of nowhere and his rapid momentum was both astonishing and perplexing. People all over the country – the world, even – have been asking, “Why Trump? What is it about this guy that makes people such frantic followers?”

    The same thing has been happening to a lesser extent on the Democrat side. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a heated race that began as “friendly” and has devolved into the same sort of infighting we’re seeing on the Republican side. Sanders elicits a type of passion from his followers that Clinton can’t seem to replicate. As a very public and avowed socialist, Sanders is unique in the respect that Americans don’t generally cotton to bold-faced socialism. This is why although the Democrat platform is basically a socialist one, Democrats never run as socialists.

    And then came Bernie. Suddenly socialism isn’t just fashionable, it’s raging. Sanders groupies organize, they march, they protest. They are loud and they are bold. They are faithful followers and will not be deterred.

    Just like with Trump, Democrats are asking, “Where did this Bernie thing come from? What is it about this guy that creates such frantic followers?”

    Sanders and Trump are simply two sides of the same coin. I know that statement is probably grossly offensive to both Trump and Sanders supporters but if you can think about this objectively, it’s not that insane.

    Here’s the thing: Americans are sick and tired. Of course, we’ve said this in the past and it’s not an unfamiliar phrase as any eight-year administration comes to a close. However, there’s a good argument to be made that Americans really are sick and tired in a way they’ve never been before. For nearly eight years, we’ve seen racial tensions rise to a level not seen for decades. The courts have overturned the will of the people on too many occasions, making some feel “voiceless.” An unemployment crisis has turned into an underemployment crisis. A law that was supposed to fix health insurance has ended up leaving millions more Americans without insurance. Taxes are rising, the cost of living is rising, scandal after scandal (founded or not) has numbed our sense of outrage. Benghazi, emails, terrorist attacks on our own soil, ISIS, illegal immigration, boys in the girls’ bathrooms…we’re just fighting all the time. Fighting each other, fighting the government, fighting the people fighting the government, fighting the police, fighting the media. There has been no end to these wars in eight years.

    Two different ends of the spectrum, same sentiment….

    LET. IT. BURN.

    Trump voters don’t care if he doesn’t sound “presidential” or contradicts himself or may or may not be a genuine Republican. They’re exhausted with a political class that is handed victory time after time and does nothing with the mandates they’ve been given. Trump may be a “politician” of sorts in the business realm but to his fans he is an outsider. He represents something the GOP has never seen before and that’s attractive. If his nomination brings down what’s left of the GOP, so much the better. The entire system is screwed up anyway. A Trump presidency could be the end of politics as we know it and they like that.

    LET. IT. BURN.

    Likewise, Sanders voters don’t care if Bernie is such a character that he sounds like a guy doing an impression of Larry David doing his impression of Bernie Sanders. They’re sick and tired too. They’ve seen the promises of the Democrats crushed underneath the weight of political dynasties and backroom deals. Sanders fans believed their party’s promises that with enough of the right legislation they could do and have and be whatever they wanted. Now many of them are saddled with impossible student loans and stuck with degrees that have little to no real-world value. The system has let them down; meanwhile they must watch the Obamas take lavish vacations at taxpayer expense, watch Bill and Hillary rake in millions of dollars per speech, and read stories about Chelsea Clinton buying a ten-and-a-half million dollar apartment in New York.

    They know things were supposed to get better in the last eight years and instead nearly everything is worse.

    And that pretty much describes both the Trump and Sanders crowds. They all agree on the fundamentals – things are worse, careers are scarcer, the state of education is disappointing, government has stopped working for the average citizen. They simply disagree on why all those things are happening.

    One thing is for certain: both sides have put their foot down. A socialist president could spell certain doom for the world’s last (at least for now) remaining superpower. President Trump could spell certain doom for what we’ve always known to be the political process in this country. It doesn’t matter. The Bern or the Donald – both may be risky propositions but if everything is going to hell anyway….

    Just let it burn.

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    Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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