Reconquista, Part 3: Detachment of the American Southwest from the U.S.

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Lines of Departure - Reconquista

Reconquista, Part 31

To recap: last week we discussed the legal and non-violent preparations that would go into a war to reclaim the American Southwest – California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas – from the United States, while observing that there are a couple of related project management techniques that would certainly help the other side get ready, even if the techniques weren’t worth much for actual war.

Indeed, for war, even of the low intensity variety, the enemy – in this case, from the Latino point of view, that would be us – gets a vote such that no formulaic approach really has a chance. Instead one can look only at general operational and strategic principles. Yes, some of the key operating principles are what I’m going to go over today. Moreover, I’ll do so as if I were working for the cartels, as someone who knows what he’s doing eventually will be. Once again, I cannot cover everything. What I can do is give the reader a feel for the approach…that, and scare the crap out of him (or her).

  1. Remember the objective, detachment of the American Southwest from the United States. Remember also what really isn’t the objective, which is to say return of those territories to actual Mexican governmental control. A purely notional government control would be acceptable, of course, provided the Mexican government never tries to make that control real.
  2. Don’t be in any doubt that, if openly provoked enough, the United States is perfectly capable of imposing control over the area militarily and expelling not just all illegal immigrants, but Latins in toto. If that happens, your cause is finished. Thus, the degree of provocation and violence must be kept below the level that causes that kind of reaction.2 Moreover, sufficient provocation could cause it to invade Mexico. You didn’t like that last time but you will like it even less this time. Moreover, the threat of America doing so may turn the Mexican government from your subtle collaborator to your active enemy, because they didn’t like it the last time, either. Additionally, while any given American government might look weak, under sufficient and sufficiently open provocation, perhaps with major and minor atrocities, you may find you’ve created and brought to power the very government you do not want. Contemplate, for example, that among other factors that led to the ouster of Jiminy Peanut, America’s worst ex-president, was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Note that, looming large among the factors that led to the fall of the Soviet Union was the election of Ronald Reagan, which came about in part because of the perceived (and well perceived it was, too) weakness and incompetence of Carter. How good a deal was that for the Reds, eh?
  3. Thus, the primary target is America’s sense of legitimacy and legitimate ownership of the Southwest which it conquered from Mexico in 1846-48. Demonstrating the futility of attempting to govern the area is a part of that: “If it were ours legitimately, we wouldn’t find it so impossible to control peacefully.”
  4. Not least because the United States is very much a political creature and, courtesy of our English roots, a legally obsessed creature, your primary offensive arm must be political and legal, with the military and violent aspects there to support, but never strategically to lead. Your political arm must always appear in public to be the sweet voice of reason, decrying every act of violence but also noting that violence coming from the Latino side is never anything but a certainly regrettable yet perfectly predictable reaction to gringo atrocity and oppression.
  5. Also, because your own homegrown people cannot be the political front, nor the legal one, after your victory you will need your military arm to exert control over the politicos and lawyers you will have raised up. You will need them as well – indeed, you will need to expand them – to ensure the Mexican government doesn’t get any unfortunate ideas.
  6. You must always make the US appear to be the bad guy. The brave American press – who are brave only when not pressed – will be immensely helpful to you there. You can reasonably count on them, for example, suppressing the photos and videos of your stone and Molotov Cocktail tossing rioters, but showing in grisly detail every “peaceful protestor” injured by out of control riot police. You can expect endless tear-jerking obituaries to shot dead brown thirteen year olds, with never a word that the bottle clutched in the thirteen year old body’s hand contains a flammable mixture of gasoline, with a little thickener, along with an admixture of sulfuric acid, nor that the cloth attached to it had been soaked in a solution comprised largely of, oh, for example, potassium chlorate and sugar.3 Note, too, that it’s not strictly speaking necessary for there to be any dead thirteen year olds; if the gringos aren’t sufficiently violent for your purposes, these lesser claims can be manufactured at need without any real evidence to back them up. “Call for Comrade Ogilvy. Comrade Ogilvy to the white phone, please.”
  7. Just as the political and legal wings are your main offensive arms, the police will be the primary American offensive arm. You must subvert and break them. It won’t be as hard as all that, really; there are, to begin with, many Latins on the various police forces of the Southwest. Ordinarily, I am quite sure, they are cops about as good as anyone else. Threaten their families, though, and you will find many of them are your cops, not the various governments’ who pay them. This is, by the way, approximately as true for Anglo cops as Latino cops; you can turn them as well. You are probably going to have a make a few really hideous examples. One doubts that will cost you much in the way of sleep. It is not necessary that ALDA or MALA4 take credit for these, indeed they must not; they must in no uncertain terms condemn. The police will probably take the hint even without being told.
  8. Each of your target states is different and represents a different problem. It is my personal considered opinion that Texas, for example, will not fall to you under any circumstances. Before anyone else does, Texas will, I think, ethnically cleanse as much as it has to, and will resist the federal government to the degree it must. If Texas won’t – trust me here – Texans will. This isn’t all bad for you; while California is falling over itself in an orgy of guilt induced pre-emptive surrender, someone is going to have to commit the atrocities your propaganda arm will make use of.
  9. At some point in time, you or, rather, your political front, is going to have to gain control of a state government. Arizona would be tempting, leading as it does to outflanking both New Mexico and California. Unfortunately, Arizona has a smallish Latin population, under twenty percent, and tends to produce some tough gringos. So were I going to prioritize which one I would shoot for first, it would probably be New Mexico, which shouldn’t be that hard to get. The downside is that New Mexico bumps up against the much tougher Texas which, as mentioned, you are not going to get. You could, given control of a state, claim belligerent status. I think that would be a mistake, proclaiming, as it would, altogether too openly that the United States is in a war that your gringo allies will be trying very hard to deny.
  10. The United States Constitution is ultimately not your friend here, even if various provisions and interpretations of it will be tactically useful. Why? Because both the guarantee of republican government and the “take care” clause, coupled with the lack of any provision for letting go an entire state, let alone several of them, means that the United States can never legally give up sovereignty or any state. Take the Southwest, watch America – a very different America – ethnically cleanse itself, and you may be in for the kind of war we’re good at. You won’t like it. Neither will we, but we’ll likely do it.

Next Week: El Imperio Contraataque. The Empire Strikes Back, Part 1.


1 Wow; it’s been two years I’ve been doing these. Say “Happy Column Birthday,” everyone.

2 What was on their mind to be bombing Pearl Harbor and shit? They sat around saying, “We bombed Pearl Harbor! They’d never fuck with us again!” (“We’re going to California then we bo..”) “No need! Pearl Harbor is enough!”… Coz they’d been to the University of California. It’s all white people, laid back. They hadn’t been down to the University of Alabama or Mississippi. I’m not lyin’, they got white folks down there they have to keep on chains in the basement!” –Richard Pryor.

3 Kinda neat, no, not having to muck about with white phosphorus?

4 See previous columns, this series: American Latino Democratic Alliance, Mexican-American Liberation Army.

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