El Imperio Contraataque Part 3: The Three Bad Roads to Victory

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    Lines of Departure

    El Imperio Contraataque (The Empire Strikes Back): Fighting the War to Retain the American Southwest

    Part 3, The Three Bad Roads to Victory

    To be upfront on this, in case anyone doubted that I was, I genuinely expect some version of the war I’ve been discussing to come to pass. It may not be the worst case such I’ve been laying out the last couple of months; but, just as likely, it may. Moreover, to recap what I said early on, this is existential. There’s no particularly good reason to think that the people who fled Mexico 1.0 are going to make anything better of Mexico 2.0, should we happen to lose. In other words, it will become indistinguishable from what they fled soon enough, so indistinguishable that they’ll pretty soon decide that the new border – the new longer, less inhospitable, hence easier to cross border – is no more legitimate than the old one, while life on the other side will look better than what they have.

    So we can’t even surrender, you see; we must win.

    Winning could actually be quite easy. All we’d need to do is give up our basic decency and humanity. There are, indeed, as mentioned in the subtitle, three certain and easy roads to victory: Specific and genocidal terror, ethnic cleansing, and a reread of the 13th Amendment.

    To take the last first, the 13th Amendment reads:

    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

    Okay, you lefties and social justice warriors over there running for your fainting couches; just stop right where you are. No, you don’t escape that easily. Yes, this means that slavery is not unconstitutional. Oh, we can’t have hereditary slavery, no. We can’t let people sell themselves into slavery, no. Any children born of slaves would be free and, by current law, citizens. But if we make the law such that “illegal and unauthorized presence in the United States shall be punished by a period of not less than twenty-five years of unpaid penal servitude, followed by deportation to the country of origin, or the border, whichever is most convenient to the United States, proceeds to pay the expenses of border enforcement, auction tomorrow,” it’s prima facie constitutional, no matter how distasteful.

    What does that get us? It gets us ten (or – personal opinion – as many as twenty or so) million illegals running frantically for the border because, even if Mexico sucks, it still beats being stood on an auction block and sold to some rancher, landscaper, brothel or escort agency owner, or pool maintainer who won’t even have to pay you, even if he’ll have to feed and clothe you. It would also be pie to make it retroactive, or mostly so, simply by putting in a very long statute of limitations such that anyone who got to stay via an amnesty would still be guilty of the earlier offense, and still subject to state enslavement. Ah, but what about ex post facto laws and the prohibition on them? Why, it would be no more of an ex post facto law than the Democrat-lauded Lautenberg Amendment, which deprived of their Second Amendment rights a number of Americans for crimes previously committed, or at least confessed to, for which the existing penalty did not include loss of civil rights.1

    How many Latins disappear after that? Who can say, but I suspect that they won’t be in the running anymore for largest American minority. Moreover, I’d be very surprised if we actually ended up auctioning off as many as fifty of either class before the rest self-deported, presuming they hadn’t self-deported upon passage of the law.

    Hell, we could even show enough minimal decency as to allow those who are serving or who served and were honorably discharged from the armed forces to stay, and keep their citizenship, even if previously illegal, along with their families. What a great bunch of guys and gals we gringos can be, no?

    Evil? No shit, Sherlock. But it’s not impossible and it’s not unconstitutional. Moreover, it’s not even necessarily the most evil thing out there and available.


    Not many people would actually end up enslaved by the above so, however evil in conception, the reality is likely to be less so. This is not true of Course of Action Two, which involves ethnic cleansing. By that I mean, of course, rounding up and deporting not just all illegals, but all Latins, period, possibly along with anyone who might be a threat or, even unwittingly and unwillingly, a cover for a threat. That means not even lifetime or longtime citizens of the United States get a pass. Even my wife wouldn’t get a pass and she’s a better citizen than the overwhelming majority of gringos at large.2 The best platoon sergeant I had in my rifle company, Epolito Martinez, wouldn’t get a pass. No, it’s insufficient recompense that our national “wise Latina” would be marched off, too.

    And even that’s not necessarily the worst of it.


    At least the slavery option and the ethnic cleansing option would require serious organizational capability and manpower, which means we have control over them and can decide to use them or (hopefully) not to.

    But what about terror from the gringos?3 Sadly, no, it doesn’t take much force or organizational ability to engage in terror. Then, too, gringos have a lot more of both to hand than, say, your average Somali or Yemeni or Saudi camel herder. Moreover, the motive will be there if a) MALA4 engages in terror, which it will, or b) other, gentler methods are seen to be ineffective. But the government will fight that, you say? The government will eliminate it, you think? Oh, really? How can you count on the government being able to suppress gringo terror when it hadn’t been able to suppress Latino terror?

    And so, when I tell you in the future about the things that will be necessary to do to win, I’d like the more gently raised and sensitive reader to remember that it is probably only by winning on that fourth, admittedly chancy, road to victory that we can avoid the other three roads – far worse roads, albeit smoother – mentioned above. Now, with that out of the way, I hope we can discuss this in the future without any liberal, leftist, or libertarian getting the vapors.

    Don’t miss Part 1 and Part 2 in this series.


    1 Do liberals and lefties ever even think of the longer term implications of the precedents they set up? And they think they’re clever, too. Dunning-Kruger strikes again.

    2 I’d have to go, too, of course, or the body count resulting from deportation of my wife would be embarrassing to the powers that be.

    3 I discussed this previously here: https://everyjoe.com/2014/10/06/politics/defining-terrorism-random-acts-terror/ and the four that followed.

    4 Conceptually the Mexican-American Liberation Army, as previously discussed.

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