El Imperio Contraataque Part 5: Or Maybe More Than A Single Ounce of Prevention…

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    El Imperio Contraataque

    El Imperio Contraataque (The Empire Strikes Back): Fighting the War to Retain the American Southwest

    Part 5, Or Maybe More Than A Single Ounce of Prevention…

    We need to start doing some other planning and preparation now. For example, in the event that things become highly kinetic along the Mexican border, we should be looking at defensible positions for batteries and platoons of artillery for countersniper work. Oh, yes, nothing – except maybe a HEAT round to the chest – says “you lose, sucker” like being emulsified by a time on target of a couple of dozen 155mm DPICM.1 And there have been a couple of (or several hundred) incidents already of armed and uniformed Mexican Army troops crossing the border.2 Identifying useful bases to put troops to react quickly enough to prevent any such Mexican troops from ever going home except in body bags would be to the good, as long as we’re not going to nail them up along the border to discourage future semi-official crossings. We can plan and prepare for building airfields, roads, emergency hospitals, mess halls, warehouses, maintenance facilities, railheads where none currently exist. We can plan and keep up to date mobilization schemes to move the Regular Army, Marine Corps, and reserve components to the border. We can plan for using them to cordon and search suspicious towns and neighborhoods when that becomes required.

    It might be to the good to take some Mexican exchange officers and put them to work updating the plans I hope we have for invading Mexico. We should not, of course, use those updates; the purpose, as it has allegedly been with Canadians in similar circumstances, is to remind them that we can, and have them spread the word that under sufficient provocation we might. We really should begin planning for both a real invasion and lesser incursions to eliminate hostile factions within Mexico. Do I need to say that killing their families in the process would be a feature, not a bug?

    Speaking of Canada and plans, and looking north at the egregious hereditary idiot running the place, the one with the penchant for physical assault of legislators, and his over-privileged and -entitled wife, plus the lunatics who put him in office, it is not impossible that Canada would someday permit easy access to Latins and then ease their way to crossing our northern border. We need to make it absolutely clear that if they ever start doing this their existence as a sovereign nation will end and they will become just another province of a not especially friendly empire, us. We’ve long been Canada’s last line of defense, but they’re our first. They’d better goddamned realize what that means before letting Prince Justin engage his more humanitarian delusions.

    More hopefully, and more domestically, prefabricated sections of concrete wall can be bought or made and stockpiled. Why should we do this? Well, besides to cover areas of the border and access roads that will be shown to be frequently subjected to sniper fire, there are going to be hostile acts between the Anglo and Latino communities in the area. Indeed, the enemy will go very far out of his way to encourage such hostile acts. One of the ways to put an end to that before it gets out of hand is to simply separate them by wire-topped concrete walls and leave the walls up as long as it takes for things to calm down and then ten years more. The wall, as with Hadrian’s Wall and our future border wall, doesn’t merely act to prevent direct violence, but to make escape after crossing over highly problematic, hence the whole exercise to be too risky to engage in lightly.

    Similarly, we should be preparing the legal cases against our own people, elected, bureaucratic, or private, who encourage and assist illegal immigration. If the law as it exists is not sufficient to the purpose then we’ll need a more rigorous set of laws that are. One wonders how much virtue signaling these sorts will do when such virtue signaling amounts to a confession of a felony that will bring on twenty years’ hard labor along with loss of civil rights. For the ones, politicians, mostly, who might argue that they have no choice but to not support immigration control measures because it amounts to another unfunded mandate, I’d suggest a bounty program, calculated to be slightly profitable for law enforcement agencies who turn over illegals to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The excuse being gone, virtue signaling having become demonstrably unwise, and the overall penalties being most severe, at least one could expect sanctuary cities and towns to go away.

    Lastly, for this column, I don’t, myself, know what legitimate grievances the Latin community in the United States may have against the US, their state, or their local community. Still, there may be some. To the extent there are, if we could find them and eliminate them, it could go a very long way towards ensuring or helping ensure that our own Latin citizens do not support our enemies or, if some do, it is only a small minority which can be dealt with through other means. We’d have to be careful here; not all alleged grievances are legitimate and sometimes the proffered cure only makes things worse. For example, a demand to be exempted from any need to learn English, or even be exposed to it either in school or in day to day life (because, you know, 3) is not something we can tolerate in the long term. It’s bad for us, but also bad for them and bad for the country. A demand to set aside certain legislative seats for Latinos only – and I would expect that demand to be made – will likely only exacerbate matters. Meeting a demand that Latin communities only be policed by Latino police is simply pre-emptive surrender.

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    1 Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions, which is to say doubleplusungood, multiculturally insensitive, triggering, evilwickednaughtybadevilbadbadbad bomblets.

    2 https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-dhs-records-detail-mexican-government-helicopter-crossing-border-and-firing-on-border-patrol/ (2014). There have, apparently, been hundreds of incidents in the last twenty years: https://www.newsmax.com/TomFitton/Mexico-Fires-Border-Patrol/2015/05/27/id/646997/. Note that both those sites are partisan, so are possibly exaggerating matters. They are not, however, making it up from completely whole cloth.

    3 For an example of triggering, check out Trigglypuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y69tkCbeC5o. That, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the faces of the enemy.

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