El Imperio Contraataque Part 6: Community Justice AKA “The Worm in the Wood”

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Lines of Departure - Worm in the wood

El Imperio Contraataque (The Empire Strikes Back): Fighting the War to Retain the American Southwest

Part 6, “Community Justice,” AKA “The Worm in the Wood.”1

It’s going to be rather less than obvious from the outside, but one of the enemy’s main efforts is going to be directed at what he is likely to call, “Community Justice.” These are going to be plainclothed – indeed, carefully hidden – courts and de facto police, who will probably not be much bound by what we think of as the rules of evidence, and not much either by precedent, who will enforce the laws and rules of the opposition in both areas they control and areas they do not. They will not be less effective for their lack of formal structure. Indeed, for the problems besetting ghetto and barrio, they are very likely to be more effective, much more, than our system of overbooked adversarial courts, criminalization of the trivial, and light wrist slaps for serious offenses. You may also imagine the community justice system dealing with collaborators. It will do some of that, surely.

Just as significant, though, or probably more so, community justice will be seen to deliver justice, along with deterrence. Some group has gang raped your daughter? Our system will give them every benefit of the doubt and then hand down an inadequate sentence. It has to, really, not merely because we’re morally decrepit, but because, even with every benefit of the doubt, it usually boils down to he said-she said, all of which is exacerbated by the rape shield laws that exclude evidence that really should be admissible. We feel we have to give trivial sentences because we usually cannot prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Community justice will beat a confession out of enough of the perps or witnesses to make for a straight faced conviction that will be widely seen as just in the community, tie the perps, naked and spread eagled, and hand you a set of rusty and not very sharp gardening shears, along with permission to, “Go ahead; dock these maricones and put out their eyes.”

Drugs? Drugs will be for selling to gringos, to fund the struggle. Selling them in the barrio? Community justice will, presuming there’s enough to be a fatal dose, shove those drugs up the dealer’s butt and down his throat, then leave the body out on display to both deter and demonstrate that, “Juan, with us you get justice. With us your family is safe. With the gringos – the complacent and weak gringos, who care more for their own aesthetics than for you and yours – your kids end up strung out and ruined.”

Some pimp’s been sniffing around your 13-year-old daughter? Some kiddy diddler’s offered some candy to your 6-year-old son? A word with your local community organizer – “Oh, hi, Barrack!” – and that will be the last time either of those two pose a threat to anyone’s kids.

What do we or our judicial system have to offer to counter all that? We might be able to claim that, in the long run, ours does more good and less harm. It might even be true. You know what Juan’s going to say to that? “Dude, in the long run we’re all dead. Right now it’s my daughter you couldn’t prevent from being gang raped and wouldn’t avenge afterwards. It’s my kids that the pushers and pervs are targeting; today, not next century. Take your gringo long view and go fuck yourself with it; I and my people live in the here and now.”

Community justice isn’t just going to deal with criminal matters, either. It doesn’t generally take a brace of lawyers and a formally trained judge to decide where the equities lie in a minor contract case. Moreover, I’d give fair odds that the Latino communities that we’ve long since given up on and let go to hell are going to start both looking and smelling better when the penalty for scattering garbage or letting your dog crap in the streets isn’t a fine but a warning, once, a beating the second time, kneecapping the third, and death for a fourth, presuming the culprit was too stupid to figure it out by step three. Darwin; he’s not just for academics anymore.

People, and quite possibly not just Latinos, are going to be begging for some community justice in their communities. They’re going to want to help it in every way they can.

As for the people who side with us against community justice and community organization, they’ll envy the treatment given out to mere rapists, drug dealers, pimps, garbage tossers, and kiddy diddlers.

Meanwhile, our police and military are going to be worrying about bombs, cordoning off and searching neighborhoods and small towns, interdicting the border, even as the government we’re trying to preserve is outcompeted from within. Not to say those things are not necessary; they are necessary. But they are not sufficient.

How to beat this? It’s not easy. Think of the problems we’ll have with engaging and killing people who will be, in fact, doing what we should have been doing all along, making the streets safe, clean, and healthy. And should we succeed, and the streets go back to what they had been, unsafe, unsanitary, and unsightly, when community justice comes back we’ll never get rid of it because the people will be inoculated against our weaker ways. Oh, and yes, it will come back.

Some time back in this series I said that martial law is going to be necessary, certainly in the area being contested, the American Southwest and far west, and possibly in some areas that are not in contest but are helping the other side. This is where martial law comes in, by being a more open and above board, but just as quick, just as violent, just as thorough version of community justice. We cannot give Juan the garden sheers to castrate and blind the men who raped his daughter. We can hang the men who did it. We may not necklace2 people working with the enemy, as the enemy will necklace people collaborating with us. We can hang them. We must hang them.

And then there are the nastier tools, murder, massacre, mayhem, and, lest we forget, torture.3 Those won’t be official, but they will happen and they will happen more the more we are unable to deal with community justice.

Next week, The Rise of Our Own Shadow State

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1 https://www.kiplingsociety.co.uk/poems_picts.htm

2 Put gasoline in old tire. Put tire around the shoulders or torso of the miscreant. Set gasoline alight. Watch wisdom, or at least circumspection, grow on the faces of the witnesses. Here’s a rather disorganized and sloppy version of it: https://knowledgeglue.com/totally-horrifying-children-burnt-alive-south-africa-extremely-nsfw/

3 I’ve discussed torture at length, beginning here: https://everyjoe.com/2015/06/22/politics/what-is-torture-does-it-work/

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