VMAs: Kanye West Compares Himself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney

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    Kanye West always has something to say at the Video Music Awards. And at Sunday night’s VMAs, he talked for four straight minutes about… well, about everything.

    Of course, he talked about Taylor Swift. He also talked about all the people in his controversial “Famous” video.

    “The audacity to put Anna Wintour next to Donald Trump,” he said. “This is fame, bro…We came over in the same boat, now we all in the same bed. Well, maybe different boats.”

     Kanye West
    Photo by Larry Busacca/MTV1617/Getty Images for MTV

    He also sort of compared himself to Walt Disney. “Life might be starting to feel worthless in a way. I know at times for me, I sit down and talk to older rich people — you know, AKA white. They tell me don’t compare yourself to Steve Jobs; don’t compare yourself to Walt Disney.”


    He continued: “My role models are artists merchants, less than 10 that I can name in history: Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West.”

    Yeah, I don’t really get it either.

    If you want to read the whole transcript of what Kanye was saying, USA Today has it right here.

    And here’s a little clip…

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