Pizza Joints in Washington DC and Possible Connections to Pedophilia

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The vitriolic battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as undoubtedly divided the nation, but we can all unite over our love of pizza… right? Wrong. A bizarre connection between pizza and a seedy pedophile underworld has been uncovered thanks to numerous pizza joints that seem to be nothing more than fronts for the most reprehensible activities imaginable. Seriously, brace yourself.

It all starts with this FBI Intelligence Bulletin that outlines the nauseating slew of logos and images that pedophiles use in order to secretly tip off other pedophiles. These seemingly-innocent shapes can be furtively folded into text, images, and advertisements as a way to signal other perverts without alerting law enforcement.

While the bulletin provides several examples of these symbols in play, the most alarming realization to come out of it is that these symbols could pop up anywhere. Case in point: check out the logo for this Washington D.C. pizzeria.

“That’s just an artistically abstract drawing of a slice of pizza,” the innocent part of your brain might tell you. But refer back to the FBI intelligence bulletin and the section on the “Boy Lover” logo. It’s almost impossible to justify the resemblance.

“So what? One stupid pizza place has an unfortunate logo, what’s the big deal?” you might ask. Not so fast. Check out the logo for this Washington D.C. diner. See that little hand with the double heart? Check the FBI bulletin again, this time focusing on the “Girl Lover” section. Yeah.

But the scandal doesn’t end with creepy logos. Besta Pizza (which means “Beast Pizza” in Portuguese) is owned by a man named Andrew Kline. As it turns out, Andrew Kline is a “Special Litigation Counsel” and a Clinton appointee who was “one of four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the Department of Justice.”

The owner of a pedo-logo pizza place was in charge of handling human trafficking prosecution. And he was hand-picked by Clinton, whose campaign chair is confirmed creep John Podesta. Let that sink in.

If you’re not already vomiting, there’s more to this story. Besta Pizza is situated JUST TWO DOORS DOWN from another freaky pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong. Who opens a pizza restaurant within spitting distance of another one?

Poor business acumen aside, Comet Ping Pong is owned by James Alefantis, the former gay lover of Media Matters founder and deranged Clinton operative David Brock. Alefantis sent an email to Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s equally creepy brother, to show him Comet Ping Pong’s new logo. “Do not forward,” Alefantis wrote, followed by an unsettling smiley.

Alefantis, who clearly enjoys close ties to the Clinton machine and is undoubtedly swept up in this web of pizza-related pedophilia connections, was named by GQ as the 49th most powerful person in Washington. When will this nightmare end?

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