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Left Coast Secession

Shift gears, folks; we ducked that one. And no one, not even Trump, is happier about that than I am. However, the left wing hysteria, post-election, illustrates that, whether they secede from us or we from them, we are simply incompatible. That being said, we also cannot be neighbors for the reasons given in previous columns; one of the two sides has to go or be destroyed. Since we have no place to go to, I’m betting on destroyed.

So how do we do that, we of the anti-left, “death to social justice,” more or less traditional American set?

We need to get the left coast to secede. If we can do that, then we’ll guarantee a more or less right wing rump-America and then, if we follow through forthrightly, a right wing whole America, for generations or centuries. Moreover, if the left coast goes, we can reasonably expect the News – New Jersey, New York, New England – to punch out, too, taking Maryland with them. Once they’ve done that, we can elect a government to round up our internal enemies, prepare for war, mobilize, invade, crush them, obliterate our enemies that reside within them, and restructure them to prevent them gaining power over us again.

But how do we get the minor crew (minor in more senses than one) agitating for left coast secession to actually become a local majority? How do we infuriate that local majority enough to get them to punch out so we can make the program above happen? I’d suggest three things, two based in the Bill of Rights and one on simple national sovereignty and the supremacy clause of the Constitution.

First Amendment: We need laws to imprison academics and politicians, and anyone who derives either their authority or their income from the public purse, however indirectly, who use their authority or color of law to attempt to impinge on the free speech rights of American citizens and legal residents, however offensive that speech may be to some. I am thinking here of sending one student to say, picking one at random, Bennington College, Bennington, VT, on a government scholarship, said student having the mission of exercising his free speech rights until sanctioned by the school. I then envision a battalion of federal police descending by helicopter on Bennington College and its environs, armed and armed with warrants, rounding up the entire academic staff of the school, then transporting them to holding cells in, say, Leavenworth, Kansas, the federal prison not the Disciplinary Barracks, while they await trial for violation of the civil rights of Student X.

At that point one of three things happens, either the PC and SJW speech codes start to disappear or we keep rounding up lefty academics until they do or their secession movements get a big boost in the arm. It’s win-win-win, either way.

Second Amendment: I have long had a constitutionally impeccable method of rendering BATF superfluous.1 I was going to use it in a column (the column this one replaces, actually) about prepping for quasi-secession. Instead, I offer a version of it for this. Imagine that the federal government offers to allow the use of its procurement channels for people who sign onto their state (their RED state) militia. No, I mean a real militia with state appointed officers, filed with volunteers or conscripts. The militiamen, and perhaps a few women, would, through their states, buy their selective fire rifles, machine guns, and mortars, and the ammunition for them, having shared ownership with their states, such that no possible interpretation of “well regulated militia” could prevent or infringe keeping and bearing their (let me say it again because I like it) selective fire or fully automatic weapons at home or on their persons.

Now that will set the left coast to quivering because, as everyone knows, evil black rifles sneak out of the house at night to lie in wait in kindergarten classrooms to massacre children. But there’s a better step; it will be so much better when the law that permits the reinvigoration of the state militias would likewise have a provision for direct support of county militias in any state that is sufficiently obstructive. That ought to have the lefties demanding secession, no? Especially when California’s inland red counties start arming up?

Step three would be bifurcated. On the one hand, we need to put up that wall, to get the left coast’s political, which is to say, dyscivic, class to realize that they won’t be able to retain power by replacing the native population with vast, uncountable, and uncounted, unassimilated and inassimilable numbers of Hispanics, addicted to the government tit and voting to milk that tit vigorously while it lasts. Secondly, as with Bennington College, suddenly and decisively stripped of its left wing faculty, I can see federal law enforcement winging in to round up Rahm Emanuel and the City Council of Chicago for violation of, and conspiracy to violate, federal immigration laws in setting up and maintaining a “sanctuary city,” for the purpose of violating immigration laws. And then we move on to Berkeley, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, etc.

Dear God, will be have enough Bubbas in the prison system to keep all those people company?

And if that’s not enough to get them to vote for Articles of Secession, I am sure we can come up with many more outrages until they do.

Then what? Then we invade, using our regular forces, the national guard and other reserve components, our state militias, and the county militias we’ll have set up inside the left coast states and the east coast states in counties less, shall we say, multiculturally sensitive, politically correct, enlightened, and pro-bolshevik. At that point we can take a leaf from the way West – by God – Virginia became a state, admitting the areas under our control as the legitimate, reformed and reborn seceded state. However, we should learn the other lesson and, unlike Virginia, after the Civil War, the left wing cities of the left and east coasts must never again be admitted, nor their treasonous citizens allowed,2 to have any political say in the United States, ever again.3 They can be territories, with no more national sway, or perhaps less, than Guam or Puerto Rico have.

Hey, lefties, if you like this program, keep agitating for secession. Maybe we can accommodate you.


2 I could see, indeed would encourage, an honorable military service and discharge exception to this.

This debility ought not, of course, impact those citizens who will have helped us in restoring our national unity and national sovereignty.

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Tom Kratman is a retired infantry lieutenant colonel, recovering attorney, and science fiction and military fiction writer. His latest novel, The Rods and the Axe, is available from for $9.99 for the Kindle version, or $25 for the hardback. A political refugee and defector from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, he makes his home in Blacksburg, Virginia. He holds the non-exclusive military and foreign affairs portfolio for EveryJoe. Tom’s books can be ordered through

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