Prison Segregation: A Challenge to the Zombies

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Lines of Departure - Prison Segregation

A Challenge to the Zombies1

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.2
~ Francis Bacon

Prison Gangs by Race

Keep those titles in mind as we progress. If it isn’t immediately obvious, the ones on the right are racist White gangs, the ones on the left are racist Black gangs, and the ones in the middle are racist Hispanic gangs. I hope I won’t be accused of racism, myself, for neglecting whatever Chinese, Vietnamese, and Hindu gangs may have arisen but let’s just work with what we have, for now, shall we?

In the subtext of our national subdued conversation on race, shading heavily to our national non-conversation on race, a couple of things stand out. The two closely related ones I have in mind are a) the unthinking presumption that racial integration is such an inherent, obvious good that no one could possibly object to it, coupled with b) the presumption that social engineering works. By that latter presumption I mean that white liberals living in gated communities are certain that we can force people into a mold of color blindness, multicultural sensitivity, tolerance, and all manner of good and gooey things, in accordance with the rotting fever swamp fantasies contained inside the neutronium dense skulls of left wing intellectuals and their running dogs, the intelligentsia. Note that these fantasies derive much of their force because they are accepted ex cathedra by the lefties – the overwhelming bulk of them – too idiotic even to keep a fever swamp going.

They’ve been able to avoid looking closely at the results of their doctrinaire and dogmatic idiocies – or, at least, able to avoid looking closely enough to avoid self-censure – because high quality blacks flee the feral blacks, dysfunctional neighborhoods, and rotten schools that leftism produces so readily, while whites flee the better quality blacks, largely because of the ferals following them, with almost nobody stopping long enough to engage in the fighting and bloodshed that would call the progressive presumptions into question. I mean, sure, most of us6 know they’re nonsense. Still, as long as no one appears to be actually fighting then liberals can concentrate their attention on the leading edge of the wave of ethnic migration, that brief interval between the first black family moving in and the last white family moving out, and just tremble with delight at that brief appearance of successful integration. Then they can do the only thing they’re good at, which is patting themselves on the back for their sense of caring and the spurious “achievements” that go along with it.

Most of us are probably familiar with the punch line of the case, Brown v. Board of Education,7 the plain refutation and overturning of the preceding case, Plessy v. Ferguson,8 that “separate educational facilities were inherently unequal.”9

But what about places where we do not have separate facilities for the different races, but where the result of that isn’t merely bad, but catastrophic, where the social engineering being done has the plain and unquestionable effect of making racism worse and spreading it throughout the country in its most virulent forms?

Go back to those triple lists above. Anyone care to guess what, besides racism, ties most or all of those disparate gangs together? Yes, you over there in the back.

Correct, laddie; those are all gangs that either started in the prisons, have substantial representation in the prisons, or, most commonly, both.

And what else? Yes, you, little Suzy. Once again, very good; yes, those are also gangs who, when members are released from prison, bring their racism from behind bars out into the light of day. Moreover, let me be clear on this; these are not overweight losers dressing up in uniforms and wearing decorations they didn’t earn, while they address each other as “Herr Obergruppenfuehrer” or “Herr Standartenfuehrer.” Black, white, or brown, these matrifornicatores10 are dangerous.

Now think a little about the details of our integrated prisons. As one of my law professors was fond of saying, “Criminals, as a class, are not cum laude.” In other words, we’ve stuck together the vile sweepings of every race and religion in the US, under circumstances where forming gangs was merest common sense. So they do. We’ve largely turned over the de facto running of the prisons to the criminals themselves. So they do. We’ve lengthened prison sentences, yes, but, face it, most of them still get out into civil life where they can spread the poison learned in prison, and learned primarily because they were stuck with the worst representatives of every other race, and had to band with the worst representatives of their own simply to survive while keeping approximately intact sphincters and most of their blood inside their bodies.

The solution to this should be obvious, for anyone with two brain cells to rub together, which is to say anyone neither a liberal nor a progressive (if those can be said to differ). WE NEED TO HAVE SEPARATE PRISONS FOR DIFFERENT ETHNICITIES.

Bu’…bu’…but, “separate [is] inherently unequal.” Yes, so? Prisons are for our benefit, not the prisoners’. It would be to our benefit to not have them serve as schools and recruiting grounds for the most sociopathic and racist elements in the country.

So here’s the interesting challenge: How many liberals will a) prove I am wrong about their core idiocy by b) joining me in writing to President-elect Trump to demand that our prison populations be racially segregated in order the better to combat racism?

How do you like those choices, zombies?


1 When righties use the word Zombies, especially when talking about using guns to kill same, we almost always mean liberals/progressives.

2 Yeah, go ahead and think about what that means and correlate it to the left’s extensive list of dogmatic failures.



5 I have no idea how authoritative these sites are, but include them for illustration’s sake.

6 Which is to say anyone with two brain cells to rub together, which is to say liberals pretty much need not apply.

7 347 U.S. 483 (1954)

8 163 US 537 (1896)

9 I don’t, as a matter of moral principle, disagree with the Court’s judgment here, by the way. Nonetheless, as a factual matter, no, they were lying through their teeth; the locus of the case, Topeka, Kansas, was one of a very few places, maybe even the only one, where separate wasn’t inherently unequal.

10 Anyone who can’t figure out what that means?

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