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“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”
~ P.J. O’Rourke

Lines of Departure - Martial Law

Dear Rosie…

…you unbefuckinglievably stupid and ignorant twat.1 Oh, and all you morons who agree with the silly bint, too.

So you think we should impose martial law to prevent Trump’s taking office on the 20th of January.2 A little education would seem to be in order. The first part of the lesson is that “martial” means warlike, or military; you know, as in Mars, the Roman god of war. “Campus Martius” not ringing any bells? “Court-martial”? O tempora. O mores.3

How about rounding up the Japanese on the west coast in 1942? Heard of that one? Ah, you have. And Allende in Chile? You’re familiar with the name? And Pinochet? Ah, good; at least you’re not a complete frigging illiterate.

So that’s lesson one, that martial law means the military taking over the laws and governance of the country or an area of it, supplanting the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Note that that was the military, not left-wing activists or Hollywood fantasists. Again, that was the military taking over, Rosie O’Dimwit, not you nor anyone like you.

Now about that military junta you apparently want to see in charge, how do you think they see you and yours? No clue, huh? Well, given what you’ve asked for, I am, I confess, unsurprised.

So here’s the truth: With a few exceptions, they hate you. They hate everyone like you, by which I mean lefties / progressives / liberals, to the extent those may differ. They hate what you all have done to them, turning them into a frightfully well-armed gay bar cum feminist feelings fest. Even some numbers of the gays and feminists, folk who are soldiers and marines, airmen and sailors, first and foremost, hate you. They’re sick of SHARP training being the number one priority. They hate what you and yours have done to the country, both at home and overseas. Moreover, though veterans broke nearly two to one in favor of Trump,4 I would be shocked to the innermost fiber of my being if active military didn’t go even more heavily for Trump, and ground gaining combat arms and combat support didn’t go Trump much more heavily still. I would guess better than 90% of Army and Marine Corps combat arms, for example, went for Trump, sometimes, perhaps, reluctantly, but in the knowledge that anyone would be better than Hillary or the people who supported her.

And you want martial law? You want to put them in charge? Let me tell you how that plays out, dumb ass.

In the first place, Trump only needs to take the oath. It doesn’t require a judge, nor any particular judge. Calvin Coolidge’s father, a notary public, took his oath in 1923. So just before noon on the 20th, Obama takes your idiot advice and declares martial law. At noon plus one minute, Trump takes the oath. At that point, Trump is president, and the military obeys him, as they’d be inclined to do anyway. Now who do you suppose the military is going to start rounding up right after that? Once again, remember: a) Trump can be vindictive and b) the military doesn’t hate Trump; they do hate you.

But let’s just override that. Let’s go ahead with your fantasy a tad further. Let’s suppose that Trump is somehow preemptively locked away so that he can neither take the presidential oath nor transmit to anyone that he has. Let’s further suppose that (okay, this is a stretch) the military (which is to say that a majority of the politically corrupt moral and intellectual whores we call “flag officers”) decides that President Obama’s declaration is constitutional and that, as commander in chief, he is the proper ultimate martial authority to oversee martial law. At noon on the 20th Trump does not take his oath of office and martial law is announced.

As 12:01, Eastern Time, the civil war begins. I know it begins at that time because if no one else does I’ll start it myself. Now you, in your vast knowledge of history, can only think, “Well, so what? We won the last one.”

Yeah, and what were the odds in manpower then? What are they now? And where was the industry then? Where is it now? And how evenly was the martial spirit divided then? Where is the martial spirit now? And did the military hate the federal government back then as it tends to hate it now and will definitely hate it in that lefty martial law future? Just go to the red state-blue state map from the last election. No, instead go to the red county-blue county map. All that red stuff? They hate you.

So either way, whether Trump takes the oath and the military follows him, or he doesn’t and the military rebels against their senior officers and follows him, the result is ultimately the same: Martial Law but in hands that hate you.

What does that look like, by the way, as it ultimately plays out? Well, I want you to imagine a long ditch, Rosie. You’ve been made to help dig it, except that in the interests of time and efficiency a backhoe was brought it to help on your section and a few others. No, no; it’s not part of the dreaded wall that will keep your side from importing and turning into clients a hundred million illegal Latins. No, this ditch has another purpose.

In this ditch you, and a whole bunch of your political allies and comrades, are kneeling, shoulder to shoulder, with your hands tied behind you and, I am sure, rivers of tears running down most of your filthy faces. There is a captain behind the line, might be Army, might be Marines. Hell, he might even be Air Force or Navy Lieutenant. He is not crying; indeed, he is smiling. He has a pistol in one hand. He walks the length of the ditch, a private following him with a bag full of loaded magazines. The captain walks slowly, stopping about every two feet. Whenever he stops he faces the line of kneeling, sniveling, crying people who once thought martial law was just such a splendid idea. He aims carefully, and then shoots each one of you, once, in the back of the head. He’s at least a competent enough shot that he never misses at this range. Every thirteen shots he removes the magazine, hands it to the private, takes a fresh one, and reloads. Click.

And there you are, Rosie, shivering in terror and wondering if maybe that whole martial law thing was really such a good idea. You’re afraid to look but you can hear the shots getting closer and closer to where you kneel. Suddenly, there is a massive bang and the guy kneeling next to you flops forward. You can’t help it, you look down and can see into his half-pulverized brain. You start to scream and then….bang.

That’s what real martial law looks and feels like, Rosie. Are you sure it’s what you want?

Next column will be a special, Friday morning, on the great T Day and the Great Triggering.

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1 Which is not entirely fair, really; unlike the typical twat, Rosie, personally, lacks both warmth and depth. h/t Andrew Foss


3 Cicero: O the times, o the customs.

4 exit polls military 2:1

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