Funny! Kansas Girl Has Taquito Mistaken For Cigar

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If there was ever a lesson in minding your own business, this is it. Imagine you get up one day and you’ve got errands to run. Knowing you’ve got to get going, you pop some tasty taquitos in the microwave so that you can nosh while you drive. Armed with your food fuel, you head out of your neighborhood determined to get stuff done. You’re killing it today!

And then you get a text that blows your mind.

That’s what happened to young Sarah Holder of Overland Park, Kansas. The high school student, who babysits to make money, has plans of pursuing a degree in secondary education next year. Hopefully, her “bad reputation” won’t prevent her college application from being approved!

What happened?

Sarah babysits the children of next door neighbors, Amy and Randy. Since they trust her with their younglings, it’s no surprise that they keep a pretty close eye on her. Still, she must have been so annoyed and confused when she got this text:“Hey sweetie it’s Amy! Randy was out mowing when he said he noticed you drive past smoking a cigar of some sort. A lot of children live on the street so I will speak on their behalf and request you keep your habits private from the kids!”

Uh… what?

Sarah immediately replied, including a photo of herself holding her yummy treat, and said: “hey! It was just a taquito! No bad habits here.”

So far, Amy hasn’t responded to the text but that hasn’t stopped the internet from exploding with glee. Twitter user @IdiotNews4U said it best, though, when he wrote: “Sarah, you are my hero. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how.. but you’ve changed my life with this.”

I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s lives have been changed by this story. Unreal.

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