Mother-Daughter Duo Busted In Florida While Running Tag Team Company

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But officer, it’s our family business! A mother-daughter prostitution duo from Florida has landed behind bars after an undercover sting operation revealed that they were using personals site to find johns.

The ad, supposedly posted a “SeXy MILF” who loves “kissing GENTLEMAN & cuddling” but hates “the taste of Latex,” features several pictures of a curvaceous woman named “Tamara.” One of the pictures simply displays the text: “I’m a black girl who loves white guys.”

Public records show that an undercover police officer – who may or may not have posed as a white guy – called “Tamara” only to discover that instead of some good old Netflix & chill, she wanted $100 for 30 minutes of intimate time.

When the officer arrived at the Kissimmee motel room that “Tamara” had selected, he was greeted by none other than 57-year-old Tanja Gammon in revealing lingerie. Gammon grabbed the officer’s hand and placed it on her crotch, wisely advising him, “You got to make sure I don’t have a d***.”

The courageous officer stayed in character as Gammon fumbled with his zipper, reached into his underwear, and briefly exposed his manhood – all while the stone-faced cop patiently waited for the takedown team to barge through the door and arrest the catfishing hooker.

As officers placed Gammon under arrest, she pleaded with them to let her free on a technicality: “I didn’t take the money yet, I didn’t take the money yet! So it really doesn’t matter!” Not a bad argument, actually.

Police eventually uncovered 31-year-old Darcel Gammon hiding in the motel room’s locked bathroom. She didn’t have a clever cover story for the officers, and it probably wouldn’t have mattered because she was also wearing lingerie.

It was “clear that she was inside the bathroom listening and looking for Tanja,” investigators said, and that Tanja and Darcel would take turns acting as the other’s secret security guard.

Now, both mother and daughter face a slew charges related to prostitution and are currently behind bars at the Osceola County Jail. The Gammons apparently hail from New Jersey and it was not immediately clear what brought them down to Florida.

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