Maher Defends Booking Yiannopoulos After Journalist Pulls Out of Show

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In an effort to stanch the flow of liberal tears that erupted when he decided to invite Milo Yiannopoulos onto his show, HBO’s Bill Maher has defended his decision as a testament to free speech and blasted a journalist who canceled his appearance on Maher’s show as some form of anti-Milo protest.

Maher took The Intercept co-founder Jeremy Scahill to task for deciding to virtue signal by pulling out of a scheduled Friday stint on “Real Time with Bill Maher” just after Milo was booked.

Bill Maher
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“Liberals will continue to lose elections as long as they follow the example of people like Mr. Scahill whose views veer into fantasy and away from bedrock liberal principles like equality of women, respect for minorities, separation of religion and state, and free speech,” Maher said in a statement.

Scahill announced the move in a rambling statement on Facebook, where he claimed that “there is no value in debating [Milo]” and cried that “appearing on Real Time will provide Yiannopoulos with a large, important platform to openly advocate his racist, anti-immigrant campaign.”

The delusional journo went on to suggest that Milo might use his HBO appearance to “incite violence against immigrants, transgender people, and others at a time when the Trump Administration is already seeking to formalize a war against some of the most vulnerable people in our society.” Seriously folks, this social justice stuff is one dangerous drug.

In response, a more levelheaded Maher pointed out that Scahill – who postures himself as an authority on Milo’s brand of everything-phobia – could actually help his triggered brethren stop literally shaking by coming on the show.

“If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims – and he might be – nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night,” Maher concluded.

In true Milo fashion, the Breitbart News editor had his own cheeky response to Scahill turning tail.

“Public shaming and grandstanding don’t work anymore,” he told the Associated Press. “Thanks for proving my point for me, Jeremy Scahill! You can look forward to pulling out of a lot more shows in the next few decades.”

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