Why This Teacher Is Mad That Her Past Got Her Fired

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Many parents in Dallas are divided over the case of 38-year-old Resa Woodward, a popular sixth-grade science teacher who was found to have worked as an actress of the adult variety when she was 19 – only for her to confess that she was actually forced into it by her incredibly controlling husband.

Woodward began teaching at the Young Women’s STEAM Academy at Balch Springs Middle School in 2014, where she rapidly became a favorite among students and earned plenty of praise from her coworkers.

Everything changed when an anonymous person called the school last year and tipped them off that Woodward had starred in numerous movies under the name Robyn Foster, recording more than a dozen titles between 2001 and 2004.

(Click the right arrow to see more pics of Resa Woodward from her acting. Be warned that, as you’d expect, she appears naked in a few of the images.)

Administrators carried out an internal review and determined that Woodward had not violated any school policies, allowing her to continue working at Balch Springs Middle School if her proverbial skeleton could stay in the closet.

Unfortunately for Woodward, the cat was already out of the bag. When she ran afoul of a stranger on Facebook due to her comments in support of Texas’s Libertarian Party, the bitter man dug up her Robyn Foster past and posted an exposé for the world to see. Woodward was mortified.

According to an appeal letter she sent to Education Commissioner Mike Morath, it was never her chosen career path.

Woodward described teaching as her lifelong dream and expressed how happy and honored she was to be able to make a positive influence on her students’ lives.

According to the Texas Education Agency, Woodward’s case is currently under review and her teaching certification is still valid in the state.

Scroll through the gallery to see Robyn before she got into teaching…

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