Nordstrom Customers Cancel Accounts in Support of Ivanka Trump

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    A group of women from Chandler, Arizona filmed themselves cancelling their Nordstrom accounts in an act of solidarity. They claim to be upset that the retailer dropped the Ivanka Trump line and wanted to make sure that their Facebook followers knew that they were taking action.

    In a video posted to Laurie Ray’s account that has been viewed more than 1 million times, the women can be heard saying that Nordstrom has lost their business “because they caved.”

    While explaining their decision to a store representative on the phone, one woman says: “Because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump, I will no longer shop at your store, nor will my husband, or my nine children or our eight grandchildren.”

    Another woman added: “We will shop where Ivanka shops.” As if that is not interesting enough, they explain that they are going to take their patronage to Dillard’s where they plan to buy “all kinds of stuff.”

    Hmmm… okay.

    First of all, I highly doubt that Ivanka Trump is shopping at Dillard’s so I hope these women can afford couture prices. Secondly, they could be lying but it’s also possible that Nordstrom is telling the truth about having to drop the line due to reduced demand and sales.

    The political climate is pretty volatile so, if it’s true that fashion-industry journalists have refused to sit next to Tiffany Trump, it’s also probable that people have chosen to boycott Ivanka’s products. Retailers can’t make money if they aren’t selling stuff and they pull things from their shelves all the time. It’s business.

    Laurie Ray, who is the first to have shared the video, claims that she and the other women “weren’t looking for attention… If you think we could spend our time in better ways, we agree! We do a lot of service in our community, sadly you are judging us on a 59 second video. 1minute does not an entire life make.”

    Well, the flipside to that is that, if she hadn’t shared the video, she would have accomplished this same goal without seeming like she was “looking for attention,” and people wouldn’t be able to judge her because they wouldn’t know about it!

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