Biden On Dem Failure, “Angry White” Trump Supporters

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    On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden used a speaking engagement at the University of Pennsylvania to indirectly criticize Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential candidate, chiding the Democratic Party for losing touch with the middle-class voters that it once courted.

    Biden claimed that his party “did not talk about what it always stood for, and that is how to maintain a burgeoning middle class.” Instead, it allowed President Donald Trump to tap into the minds of voters throughout the Rust Belt who resented former President Barack Obama’s inattention to their plight.

    The former VP also took a swipe at Trump’s nationalist policies, claiming that the threat of globalism has been “exaggerated.”

    “Look, in a sense, we wouldn’t be having this conversation about American jobs, in the way it’s just been phrased, legitimately, by the president, were it not for 171,000 votes, 171,000 votes in four states, that put us in the position,” Biden continued.

    As for the 2016 Democratic debacle, Biden pointed the finger at the Clinton campaign’s unusual detachment from working-class voters, which it largely achieved by pandering to social justice types and wealthy liberal elites.

    “And the truth of that matter is, you didn’t hear a single solitary sentence in the last campaign about that guy working on the assembly making $60,000 a year, and the wife making $32,000 as a hostess in a restaurant… and they’ve got two kids, and they can’t make it, and they’re scared, and they’re frightened,” he said.

    Biden also pointed out that the “angry white men” that Democrats have blamed for electing Trump actually voted for Obama in the previous two elections: “Let’s get this straight. It wasn’t racist. They voted for a black man twice in a row, but they didn’t this time.”

    It’s kind of refreshing to hear a Democrat blame something other than Russia for their party’s failures.

    Watch Biden’s remarks below (starting at around the 22:50 mark).

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