Camille Paglia: The Democrats Have Ensured Trump’s 2020 Victory

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    Camille Paglia, the iconic author and culture critic who has emerged as one of the most respected voices against the insanity of third-wave feminism, said on Tuesday that the Democrats have all but handed President Donald Trump an easy re-election in 2020 by doubling down on the failed strategy that led to Hillary Clinton’s blowout defeat in 2016.

    During a “Times Talk” hosted by the New York Times and moderated by columnist Frank Bruni, Paglia – who voted for Jill Stein – was unequivocal about her thoughts about Trump’s presidential future.

    “I feel like he’s going to get re-elected,” she declared. “I feel like the Democrats have overplayed their hand.”

    According to Paglia, it was the moment that she came across popular YouTubers and vocal Trump supporters Diamond and Silk that she realized that Trump’s appeal was far more broad-based than the liberal elite in the media realized.

    “I thought, ‘oh my God,’ I suddenly saw the populism, from that moment forward,” Paglia recalled.

    As for the failed Democratic Party, which mainstream media pundits smugly and incorrectly predicted would ascend to new heights after the 2016 elections, Paglia believes that the institution needs to change – and fast.

    “It is incumbent upon the defeated party to pull itself together, or else we’re going to get the re-election of the present administration,” she observed, adding that “the Democrats have overplayed their hand.”

    The Democratic Party’s single-minded devotion to identity politics, as emblematized by former President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom policy, was also “tremendously responsible” for Clinton’s loss, Paglia also contended.

    “What the Democrats needed to do, and the major media, Frank, needed to do was to do some soul-searching,” she concluded.

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