This Model Got Kicked Off Instagram For Being Too Sexy

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In a decision that could endanger the careers of Instagram models everywhere, the social media company has banned blonde bombshell Elle Johnson from using its platform. Why? Because Johnson showed a little too much skin.

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On Twitter – which hasn’t revoked Elle’s tweeting privileges just yet – she complained about the unfair verdict.

“Booted off #Instagram again! They treat models like #United treated Dr. Dao. Not the physical abuse part-the random get off the plane part!” Elle quipped.

Her reference to United Airlines is not just topical humor, either: Elle is the brains behind the genius #FreeTheCleavage campaign, which she launched after she was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight for allegedly showing too much of her ample bosom. It’s this spirit of exhibitionism that likely also got Elle’s Instagram privileges revoked… too bad we can’t see the pic that caused the kerfuffle.

Now, Elle is blasting Instagram for having a double standard when it comes to allowing certain women to post sultry content while banning others for the very same “crime.”

“I post nothing different from what Si_Swimsuit or other ‘men’s mags’ post on Instagram,” she complained to The Smoke Room. “If Instagram is really serious about not allowing ‘sexually suggestive photos’ on their platform, they better get cracking.”

In particular, Elle took issue with a picture that Sports Illustrated posted of scorching-hot model Nina Agdal posing completely nude – albeit with a smattering of sand covering her private parts.

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