Anaheim Ducks Share Nude Video of Ryan Kesler, People Freak Out

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The NHL is turning 100 and teams have been finding ways to commemorate the momentous occasion. A whole century. That’s a big deal!

The Anaheim Ducks clearly thought it would be funny to share a video of Ryan Kesler walking around the offices nude but the reaction of some led them to pull the 37-second clip. Fortunately, because it’s the internet, you can watch it here.

Ryan Kesler Nude NHL 100

Anaheim Ducks

In the video, Kesler’s groin area is covered fully by a black box and, really, it’s highly unlikely that he actually walked through the offices fully naked.

Still, some said that this stunt was tone-deaf and insensitive in light of the sexual harassment scandals that are happening in Hollywood and across the country right now.

Why is Kesler nude, you might ask? In the video he says that he’s celebrating the milestone in his “birthday suit.”

The majority of comments I personally saw were surprised that this clip has caused such an uproar. Some have even pointed to double-standards in our society claiming that it’s okay for women to wear less clothing when they say they feel empowered but the same can’t be true for men.

It’s an interesting dynamic. Do you feel that the video was offensive?

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