Cop Shoots Ex-Girlfriend Before Turning Gun On Himself

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Police in Florida have released chilling surveillance footage that shows the moment when a jilted sheriff’s deputy confronted his ex-girlfriend outside her condominium complex and shot her multiple times before committing suicide.

The horrifying incident took place on October 12, the Palm Beach Post reported. Deputy Michael DeMarco, a Palm Beach County sheriff’s detective, and ex Yuly Solano had broken up three weeks prior, but DeMarco was still bitter about the way their relationship ended.

In the video, DeMarco can be seen waiting outside the Inlet Harbor Club complex in Boynton Beach in an unmarked sheriff’s car. He steps out – wearing his sheriff’s uniform — as Solano, who was walking her dog at the time, approaches.

The two walk side by side across the parking lot until Solano suddenly starts pacing backwards, holding her hand in front of her face in a defensive posture. That’s when DeMarco lifts the gun and peels off several shots before slumping over and placing the gun to his head.

According to police documents, DeMarco told Solano moments before he opened fire: “You treat me worse than a dog.”

Solano was rushed to the intensive care unit with injuries so severe that detectives were not even able to interview her until nearly a month after the shooting. She told police that she broke up with DeMarco “because he was being racist and very possessive of her.”

The victim also intended to lodge a formal complaint about DeMarco’s behavior with the condo board and the property managers but could not do so before the shooting.

Solano met DeMarco in May 2017 and they began their relationship a month later. She described him as “a nice guy” at first, but their relationship devolved when he developed “jealously issues” with Solano and her mother.

The shooting left Solano with two gunshot wounds in the chest and one in the forearm. Three of her ribs were broken and parts of her lung had to be removed, while her arm and vocal cords were also left partially paralyzed.

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