Feel Good Story: Nashville Predators Help Fan with Proposal

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In case you missed it last week, there was a sweet moment right before a Nashville Predators game. Conor Payne and his girlfriend, Morgan Landsberg, were waiting for the team to emerge and stood as they began to walk past them. Landsberg could have never known how much her life was going to change.

Nashville Predators Proposal


Payne enlisted the help of Viktor Arvidsson who suddenly walked up to Landsberg with an engagement ring on his pinky finger. A video posted by the Predators on Twitter shows the woman looking confused at first until, finally, it sunk in.

She grabs the ring, whips around and looks at Payne who is now kneeling and asking her to marry him. She’s so shocked and starts crying but looks back at the players in time to see PK Subban yelling “oh yeah, oh yeah!”

What a moment!

The small crowd around her is cheering (people are asking if she said yes) and the couple hug it out. What a feel good story!

This was the message the Predators sent out to all of their followers: “A surprise #Smashville proposal with a little help from Viktor Arvidsson! Congrats to @littlemorgan93 & @cmpayne72 on the engagement!”


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