Ted Lieu Gets Testy On Twitter Over Tax Talk

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The claws were out earlier this week when Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) took to Twitter to explain his rationale for opposing the momentous GOP tax overhaul, only to find that not everybody agreed with his doom-and-gloom vision for the future.

On Wednesday, Lieu argued that many people would grow disgruntled with the changes introduced in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because their tax cuts might not look as good as somebody’s in a different income bracket.

“GOP underestimates how people feel when they know others got a better deal,” he postulated. “If Sally gets a tax cut of $380 but others get $200,000, she will be upset. And wait until Joe finds out he is getting a tax increase for residing in CA. That’s why tax bill is so unpopular: human nature.”

Lieu – a far-left Democrat who vociferously opposes President Trump and his administration’s agenda at every turn – found himself weathering a slew of skeptical rebuttals by supporters of the tax plan and a smaller government in general.

“This is not the governments money Why can’t you understand that?” wrote @justjudee.

Things got a little awkward when Lieu’s verified account fired back: “Um, do you think we fund law enforcement and firefighters through voluntary, personal donations?”

“It is our money that we earn and pay tax on,” @justjudee replied. “Clearly, we pay 10.3-13.3% state income tax in CA on top of Federal taxes/ It’s your job to budget/ Stop spending money like a drunken sailor/ No more $5k sushi catering on the taxpayers dime.”

To other Twitter users who responded negatively to his tweet, Lieu responded with a catty retort: “Feel free to say I am not very bright because I’m cool like that. But people who are much brighter than you or me have researched the point I am making and the research supports my point.”

Lieu linked to a Politico article offering a much more nuanced look at his original point, suggesting that he cribbed the article’s analysis and threw it out as his own.

In the wake of November’s Sutherland Springs mass shooting in Texas, Lieu raised eyebrows by walking out of a congressional moment of silence so that he could stream a Facebook Live video calling for more gun control.

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