EveryJoe is the ultimate boy’s club. From the latest sports news and political happenings to the hottest girls on the Internet and the entertainment buzz, EveryJoe delivers non-stop action to men on the go. “No Girls Allowed” may not quite apply, but this boys’ club is focused on a community of shared interests around sports, politics, girls, laughs, crime and entertainment.

We speak to men as men

EveryJoe offers a healthy dose of humor, a bit of crassness, an inability to look away from car crashes, an affection for hot women, a diehard patriotism for its favorite sports teams, and an earnest love for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We deliver top news and strong views

We aim to provide topical content that is often astonishing, sometimes head-scratching, and always interesting. Our editors, columnists, and readers have strong views on everything from capitalism and crime to sports and entertainment. We encourage everyone who visits EveryJoe to join in the conversation.

EveryJoe is owned and operated by Defy Media.

For questions about content on the site or other concerns, email Managing Editor, Stephen Kersey, at .

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