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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

How to submit an article to EveryJoe for consideration

EveryJoe is looking for freelance pitches and submissions. Send us a story pitch or select from our list of leads. Better yet, sign up here to receive monthly story leads directly to your inbox!

Please direct your pitches and submissions to . Please include all other relevant materials such as your resume, published work and areas that interest you.

Please get to know EveryJoe to learn about our tone and subject matter before pitching stories. You can peruse our editorial philosophy and submission standards (see below) to ensure your story idea gets selected.

Please submit only original content. Plagiarism is strictly impermissible. b5media retains first publication rights and the right to reuse or modify content. As a non-staff writer, you will benefit from attribution and a link back to your own site, if applicable. Please carefully read the terms of service before submitting material.

Our featured blogs are written by staff writers. Please do not pitch ideas for these blogs. If there is a subject you’d like us to cover, please email us at .

Submission Standards

Pitching a Story:

  • Your pitch should be limited to 150 words in length and should address the issue of why the editor or readers should care about this topic.
  • You should explain why you, particularly, should write this article. Take into account background information, current involvement or proven interest. If you are involved, you may not be able to write an objective piece.
  • Include two sources (references, quotes, links) that you plan to include.

Content is:

  • Relevant and interesting to our target community, as defined in EveryJoe’s Editorial Philosophy.
  • Covering topics that interest a US-based audience.

Writing is:

  • Creative and diverse: the work is applicable to more than one group of people and the article clearly demonstrates why and how.
  • Sincere, straightforward and honest content. Tone reflects mood of story accurately.
  • Narrative-like: distinct from news or opinion.
  • Unbiased: regardless of your own beliefs.
  • Correct spelling and grammar: make sure to proofread and carefully edit your own work.
  • Evidence of connections and sources: quotations, references, links are vital to a good article.

If you are submitting your work to EveryJoe, follow these final pointers before sending your article.

  • Send your article as a Word .doc or .docx file.
  • Include original art, including screen shots, separately along with your submission (in a .zip file is fine).
  • If your submission includes code, code figures can be embedded in the document.
  • Include a brief one or two-sentence bio statement. If you don’t mind readers contacting you, this can include a blog or e-mail address.
  • If you are referencing external content such as web sites, please make sure we have correct URLs in the document. Embedded hyperlinks aren’t good because they get stripped out during our production process.
  • We consider the copy you send in for publication to be final. If you need to submit revisions, please contact your editor first.
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