Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Cherie Burbach

Packers vs Vikings: One Fans Thoughts

October 5, 2009 by Cherie Burbach  
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I woke up today feeling a little giddy. A little like Christmas, perhaps. In a way, it is like a holiday. For Packer fans, our beloved quarterback for 16 seasons will be playing against us for the first time. Am I angry? Hoping he’ll get tanked? Nope. Despite all the hatred that sportscasters like to stir with Brett Favre, I would say average fans like me feel a bit differently. I am rooting for the Packers to win. But seeing Favre fail? My heart just isn’t in it. Truth be told, there is a part of me that still misses him. Don’t get me wrong. I was angry with his antics during the “retire/unretire” saga over the past few decades. Then, I was angry with Ted Thompson for the way they were handling the... [Read more]

Ted Williams Head Used for Batting Practice

October 4, 2009 by Cherie Burbach  
Filed under Sports Rumors

This story should give pause to anyone who has the inkling to get involved with cryogenics. The New York Daily News says the head of Ted Williams has been “mutilated” by the very firm that is housing it. The former baseball legend decided to have his body frozen after his death, and it was sent to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona. Workers at the clinic reportedly had “no medical certification” and handled the head roughly, even using it “for a bizarre batting practice.” Apparently the workers also photographed the head and removed it “using crude equipment” from Williams’ body. Workers drilled holes in Williams’ head so they could listed to the “sounds... [Read more]

Arrest Made in Erin Andrews Case

October 3, 2009 by Cherie Burbach  
Filed under Sports Rumors

There has been a lot of speculation behind who could have filmed ESPN anchor Erin Andrews through her hotel peep hole. Someone filmed her naked in her hotel room and then posted the tape online and even tried to sell it. Andrews not only went through an invasion of privacy, but also had the embarrassment of having other people see her naked. She even thought her career might be over because of this incident. Now, Michael David Barrett, a 48-year old has been arrested in Chicago. According to People, the man “faces federal charges of interstate stalking for taking the videos, posting them online and attempting to sell them.” Barrett made eight videos, seven of which were filmed through the peephole of Andrews hotel room. The... [Read more]

Chris Evert and Greg Norman Split Up

October 2, 2009 by Cherie Burbach  
Filed under Sports Rumors

Well that didn’t take long. After only 15 months of wedded bliss, Chris Evert and Greg Norman have split up. This seems ironic given that Norman had to fork out one of the largest divorce settlements in history when he was forced to pay his ex-wife $103 million dollars. He had been married for 26 years to his former wife. This marriage to Evert lasted a fraction of that long. Perhaps a tell tale sign that things weren’t going to work out had to do with something he said right after he and Evert got married. According to People he said that the “marriage is better than I expected.” Better than he expected? Don’t you usually have high expectations before a marriage? Apparently Norman didn’t. Both Evert... [Read more]

Michael Vick Gets Deal With Nike

October 1, 2009 by Cherie Burbach  
Filed under Sports Rumors

Is it too soon for Michael Vick to get an endorsement deal? Apparently not. Not, at least, where Nike is concerned. The shoe giant said they are not going to do a Michael Vick shoe, but they are going to pay him to wear Nike apparel. If you’ll remember, Nike did have a shoe deal with Vick before he went to prison. They made several thousand “Vick V” shoes and then when Vick pleaded guilty to dog fighting they stopped making them. There were left with the ones they made it and end up costing Nike a million and a half bucks. But that’s not all. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, when Vick plead guilty in August 2007, Nike dumped him from their endorsement roster and issued a statement that said it was because,... [Read more]

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