Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Jason Bean

Jason Bean

Jason has been blogging for several years and is actively involved in a variety of online activities and communities. Although he is a fan of Microsoft products, he's not afraid to point out the challenges and failures of Microsoft too. Jason has been writing for b5media for three years on a variety of different sites during that time.

Installing Microsoft Security Essentials Software

September 29, 2009 by Jason Bean  
Filed under Computers

Microsoft has released the new Microsoft Security Essentials software for download and install on Windows PC’s everywhere! The new Microsoft Security Essentials software is a replacement for what was known as Windows Live OneCare. The installation file for the new software was pretty light. Total download size was only 8.61MB. Sitting less than 9MB, it places it less than a third of my least favorite application, Adobe Reader. Oh, and this is a full-blown security application, not just a PDF reader. Once downloaded the installation process couldn’t have been much easier as well. The general installation steps were expected, there was a Microsoft Genuine Advantage software check in there. After that, a system update... [Read more]

MAINGEAR High-Performance Gaming PC’s Available

September 28, 2009 by Jason Bean  
Filed under Computers

I’ve never been one to do much gaming on my PC. I’ve always left that to my game consoles like my Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii. If I ever did get into network gaming on my computer, I think I’d have to seriously take a look at this computer from MAINGEAR. This PC is absolutely loaded with power! The MAINGEAR Radeon HD 5870 has video processing power oozing out of it’s bays and slots. The ATI’s Radeon 5870 series to be configured with their Ephex, F131, Prelude, and X-Cube high performance gaming systems.  ATI’s newest series of graphics cards will provide gamers with full DirectX 11 support, stunning 3d visual effects, ATI Eyefinity allowing you to run up to... [Read more]

Exchange Contact Info in the Real World with Poken Pulse

September 27, 2009 by Jason Bean  
Filed under Computers

With all the technology available today and the ability to connect with people on so many different social networks, you’d think it would be easier to connect and share information with people in the real world. Now you can with Start Pokens Poken Pulse device. The Poken Pulses are little USB devices that let owners exchange their contact information with each other by touching the “hands” on each person’s Poken Pulse device. When you get home or back to the office you just plug-in the Poken Pulse into your computer and add the contact information for those individuals and their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Flickr, Ning, Google Talk, Skype and more. The Start Poken devices support vCard... [Read more]

All of Excel 2007 Toolbars

September 26, 2009 by Jason Bean  
Filed under Computers

Here’s the 2nd post of all the toolbars in the Microsoft Office 2007 productivity suite. First I shared all of the toolbars from Microsoft Word 2007. In this post I’ll be sharing all of the toolbars from Microsoft Excel 2007. I love the new ribbon interface that’s available in the Microsoft Office 2007 system. Part of the reason for that is that I wasn’t too much of an excessively experienced user of the various applications. If you were an experienced user then you’ve probably spent time looking for one of the controls and features. Sometimes they’ve put them where you would expect them, other times you’re looking and looking until you finally find them in a toolbar that doesn’t... [Read more]

Impressed with the Microsoft Courier Tablet

September 24, 2009 by Jason Bean  
Filed under Computers

A laptop, a Kindle, a tablet PC or the new Microsoft Courier? The courier brings dual-screen functionality to the tablet PC. The Courier mixes motion gestures, stylus and touch-screen functionality to a device that puts the book back into notebook. After watching the video for the use of the Microsoft Courier that was shared on Gizmodo, the combination of input options represents a broad change in how people will start to interact with devices like this. The video walks through the scenario of a user preparing for a meeting and collecting notes and details to share. She slides a contact name from her address book onto a map to get directions for the meeting. Later she slides another name onto her journal for the event to... [Read more]

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