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“Dexter” Season 4: Episode 1 Recap

September 28, 2009 by Jeanne Dupuis  
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Dexter is back and I know that fans of the show were wondering how everything was going to work out this season.  He’s a serial killer who works as a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro Homicide.  As if that isn’t complicated enough, this former loner got married and became a father since the end of last season.  How would Dexter juggle having a family while continuing to kill?  Turns out, it’s not so easy.

Dexter and Rita have moved out to the suburbs and are suffering from the typical sleep-deprivation that hauntsdexter and rita all new parents.  Baby Harrison is three months old and is already wreaking havoc on Dexter’s perfectly constructed veneer.

He takes the night shift so that Rita can rest but I think these two have forgotten that Dexter has a job – an important one.  He gets called to the witness stand in a serious homicide case and messes up so badly that the case gets dismissed.  For a guy who doesn’t make mistakes, he really chose a bad time to start.

We all got our first glimpse of John Lithgow as the “Trinity Killer” after he kills a girl in a particularly cruel and brutal way.  He’s later shown scalding himself and crying in the shower.  Very weird.  Unfortunately, he’s being tracked by Special Agent Lundy who, despite having retired from the FBI, shows up looking for help from Dexter.  Of course, this unnerves Dexter’s sister, Debra, since she still seems to have feelings for him but has moved on to another relationship.  Dexter, meanwhile, discovers that the house where the woman was murdered was also the scene of a similar death 30 years ago.

I’m not even going to go into this but Batista and LaGuerta are getting it on.  Not a great idea but whatever…

Anyway, things take a slightly comical turn when it looks like the opening credits are starting over and, instead of looking polished and together as he normally does in the opening sequence, Dexter has baby food stains on his clothes and dark circles under his eyes.  His mental state causes some serious concern when he decides to go after the killer who got away when he messed up on the witness stand.  Not only does he fall asleep while staking out a bar (and gets caught by a cop) but then he needs smelling salt just to stay awake enough to kill the man.

Of course, Rita (who appears to be completely inept) calls and tells Dexter that Harrison needs something from the pharmacy immediately (does she not realize that the man has to work?) and he is forced to rush his ritual.  I was already incredibly worried that he might have left behind some sort of evidence but my fears only got worse when he’s shown loading the body into his trunk and then, after falling asleep at the wheel, gets into a serious car accident.

Things are definitely looking rough right now.  The season opener was everything I hoped it would be and then some.  Did you enjoy it?

image: Showtime

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4 Responses to ““Dexter” Season 4: Episode 1 Recap”
  1. killingfeilds says:

    This episode was incredible, but did Dexter get rid of the body parts before the accident?

    • Jeanne Dupuis says:

      I don’t know!!! I’ve been freaking about that. I know he was so tired but I’m hoping he would dump the parts before he hit the drug store. Rita is driving me nuts!

  2. elijahbeau01 says:

    I loved the opener but felt cheated about a 2 hour opener. They showed the last show from Season 3 and I did not need to see it. But, I got over this…but, cannot get past Batista and LaGuerta as lovers. That was so random and unfitting.

    • Jeanne Dupuis says:

      Agreed about Batista and LaGuerta. I hope this is going somewhere because I was really not very happy about how Batista’s girlfriend was just explained away and this was introduced. Very weird.

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