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“Dexter” Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

October 19, 2009 by Jeanne Dupuis  
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This week’s episode of Dexter was called “Dexter Takes a Holiday” but it’s not the main character who leaves. Rita takes the kids out of town for three days (thank goodness, my patience with her has really run thin) and Dexter takes the opportunity to set up his next kill.
dexter episode 4 season 4
This time, Dexter is trying to figure out whether a local policewoman named Zoe is responsible for the deaths of her family.

Meanwhile, Debra and Lundy continue to try to find a link between the Trinity Killer and some recent Miami murders.  Can I just take a quick moment to talk about how great John Lithgow is at portraying a creepy, demented serial killer?  Really, he’s perfect.

Dexter figures out that Zoe was wearing gloves during the attacks on her family and was still wearing them when she shot herself (in an attempt to make herself look like one of the victims) which is supported by the blood spatter patterns shown in the crime scene pictures.

Anton starts to question whether Debra still has feelings for Lundy and when he questions her about their relationship, she tells him that he has nothing to worry about.

Trinity draws a man into a fight outside of a bar by yelling insults at him.  After the man is finally provoked to assault him, Trinity tells him that “it’s his fault.”  Weirdness… He’s also shown looking at a picture of Lundy in the newspaper and then later he boldly bumps right into him

Over a working lunch, Lundy admits that he still has very strong feelings for Debra and she’s so overwhelmed that she leaves him at the diner but then later shows up at his house.

Dexter discovers that Zoe’s former home is up for sale and he pretends to be a potential buyer to get inside.  He’s surprised, however, to find Zoe at the open house and he’s even more shocked when she comes on to him and offers to give him a personal tour.  She tells Dexter that she’s divorced and that her daughter is with her husband.  He searches the house and the best he can find is a piece of police crime scene gloves in the garbage disposal.

LaGuerta tells Batista that she believes they should disclose their relationship to the higher-ups.  The conversation led them to evaluate what they mean to each other and it didn’t go too well.  Later, Batista comes to Dexter for advice about his relationship with LaGuerta.  He discloses that they’ve been intimate and that he’s afraid of making things public because it means so much to him.  LaGuerta pulls Dexter into her office because she wants a man’s perspective on how to handle the situation.

Dexter gets pulled over and is surprised to see that the cop is Zoe.  She tells him that she knows he’s been investigating her and basically threatens to come after him and his family if he doesn’t drop it.  They have another exchange when he tricks her into following him to a gas station but the final showdown takes place in his own home when he’s able to inject her with the sedative.  She wakes in her dead daughter’s bedroom and instead of a regular kill, Dexter is rattled by the things that Zoe says and he suddenly grows very emotional when he realizes that he doesn’t want to lose his family.  Of course, he kills Zoe.

The episode ends with a bang – literally.  Debra and Lundy have made love, she laments about the fact that she has cheated on Anton but they are happy to admit their feelings for each other.  It’s a real tender moment until they are both gunned down in a parking lot.  It looks like Lundy dies and Debra is unconscious.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next week!

image: Showtime

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