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IBuyPower Chimera

September 28, 2009 by Milo Riano  
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I was just watching Mission Impossible II for the nth time and the plot talks about the Chimera virus. This is when I remembered about the IBuyPower Chimera which is a powerful gaming busy starting at $ 924 USD.


The IBuyPower Chimera is said to have a unique design which is a fusion of style and function. The Chimera has a glossy flame exterior and clear side paneling with available interior lighting for maximum visual appeal. The Chimera has a triple 120 mm cooling fan setup which is designed to remove the heat coming from the hottest components in the system to make sure the heat stays outside your box. This setup has a integrated front panel thermal readout display to monitor your system. I personally like boxes that has digital displays that let you monitor your system and IBuyPower has these things on their Chimera.

The rest of the features of Chimera include the following:

Chimera X58 with Intel Core i7 – the X58 edition is based on the Intel Core i& technology which is powerful enough to run demanding games with ease. The processor has the ability to take on highly threaded games with the technology and distributes AI, physics and rendering across eight software threads.

Chimera AM3 with AMD Phenom II X4 – similar to the Intel Core i7, the AMD Phenom II X4 has a neck to neck performance against the Intel Core i7 providing the same benefis as the Intel chipset.

Breakneck Performance -  regardless of the processor you choose, the Chimera uses the latest DDR3 memory and can be customized for as much as 12GB of DD3 memory and a 64-bit Windows installation.

Unparalleled Visual Experience – the graphics rock on the Chimera as it uses the ATI CrossfireX or nVidia SLI graphics. The Chimera supports the multiple-GPU processing to provide unparalleled visual experience.

Gaming Experience – the processor, the memory, graphics card would already provide you with great gaming experience. Add the Killer NIC for online gaming should take your gaming to the next level.

IBuyPower Chimera is a powerful gaming machine that doesn’t break your wallet compared to other gaming enthusiast vendors. The power and price of this machine makes me a fan of it.

Image from IBuyPower.

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