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Jenson Button Poised to Achieve his Dream

October 15, 2009 by Warren Hayashi  
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A dream can be a fleeting will-o-wisps that slips through your grasp just as you reach out to make it your own after years of constant battling and competing. One slip or moment of indecision during the heat of competition can burst your dream and have you beginning at the start again. You may never be in a position to achieve your dream again, sometimes you only get so many chances during a career to achieve the ultimate goal, and the pressure of knowing this might be your only chance to be a world champion could be more than you can handle. Will you crumble under the strain when the moment appears for you to grab hold of your dream and make it your own?

Jenson Button is getting ready for the biggest weekend of his life, so far!

Jenson Button is getting ready for the biggest weekend of his life, so far!

Jenson Button is in position to achieve his ultimate dream of becoming 2009 Formula One Grand Prix World Champion after a season that started hot but has cooled off in the later stages of the season. Jenson Button is in the enviable position of holding his own fate in his hands. All he has to do is perform up to his ability and stay out of the way of lady luck’s bad side and he should be able to finish well enough in the last two races of the year to close the door on his competition. This would leave his two rivals for the world title Sebastian Vettel and Rubens Barrichello looking in and thinking about what could have been.

There are only a maximum of 20 points available in the remaining two races and if Button can finish no worse than third in the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend, he’ll be 2009 Formula One Grand Prix World Champion. At present Button is 14 points ahead of Barrichello and 16 points ahead of Vettel, and although a third place finish isn’t easy, it’s well within the reach of his car. Button needs to stay within himself during this race and not be drawn into a battle to win if the chance isn’t within his reach. He needs to grab whatever points the track and his competitors give him, and not be overly aggressive in his pursuit of a win. The big picture for him and the team is the championship, which they can win by finishing ahead of Barrichello and Vettel.

If he can control his emotions and race within the ability of his car he’ll be the 2009 Formula One World Champion. If he gets drawn into a personal battle to win the race, he could find himself looking back one day and thinking about what could have been.

“Image: Zuma Press”

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