NASCAR Rivals: Kurt Busch Spins and Collects Kevin Harvick

July 30, 2008 by Tim Zaegel  
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In a race that was dominated by tire issues, Kurt Busch brought out one of the few cautions of the day at Indianapolis this past weekend that wasn’t caused by tires. Just 14 laps into the race, Busch was trying to let the no. 29 car of Kevin Harvick pass underneath him when Busch’s car got loose and set off into a spin …. a spin that also collected Harvick in the process.

Video footage of the wreck involving Busch and Harvick:

Although these two drivers have mixed it up with one another plenty of times earlier on in their careers, this incident was one of pure mistakes, and both drivers seem to have taken it that way.

When reporters caught up with Harvick following the incident, he remained optimistic, stating, “We will just go onto Pocono. Hopefully we will be good, and I think we will be fine for the Chase.”

Busch manned up and accepted responsibility for the accident. “I was just trying to let a guy go underneath me and I got loose and I collected both of us. I hated that somebody else got caught up in my mess,” he said. “The car just wasn’t handling very good, trying to make it where we could go and pit at the next caution. It just snapped loose on me.”

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6 Responses to “NASCAR Rivals: Kurt Busch Spins and Collects Kevin Harvick”
  1. Newman's #1 says:

    Ouch! Wasn’t much of a good points day for both drivers.

  2. Kitten says:

    Glad both drivers were good sports about it either way! Great blog BTW!

  3. Tim Zaegel says:

    “Ouch! Wasn’t much of a good points day for both drivers.”

    No, it wasn’t at all. In fact, I’d say that really ended any hopes that the no. 2 team may have to get back in the Race for the Chase.

  4. Tim Zaegel says:

    “Glad both drivers were good sports about it either way! Great blog BTW!”

    Thanks for the compliments, Kitten. Of course Busch was a good sport, considering he really had nobody else to blame. As for Harvick, he may have been a bit more judgmental if it’d taken him any further out of the points. Besides, it was all obviously unintentional.

  5. Newman's #1 says:

    When Kurt becomes a free agent, do you think he’ll stick around at Penke? Cuz from the way things look right now, I don’t think he will.

  6. Tim Zaegel says:

    Judging purely on how tough the transition from Roush to Penske has been for Busch, I would have to say no. But, I think a lot of that also depends on the relationship that Kurt has developed with Roger since making that move, so who knows?

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